Compare FreshStart™ against other methods of smoking cessation (cont.)

2) FreshStart™ is Guaranteed

That's right - 100% Guaranteed - as long as you fit the pre-requisites detailed on the About FreshStart™ page. No other method of smoking cessation offers a cast iron guarantee. I wonder why that is?

3) FreshStart™ is Less Expensive than Other Solutions

The FreshStart™ solution is purchased for the one time price of $19.95. That is the only charge. You will not need to get an expensive "repeat" order like you would if you used patches or gum.

A single order of Nicotine replacement Gum or Patches cost anywhere between $34.99 - $129.99 depending on the quantity and you'll be replacing one habit with another.

Is $19.95 too much to spend for a guaranteed smoke free future?

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