Compare FreshStart™ against other methods of smoking cessation

Nicotine Replacement Patches? Gum? Pills? There are many stop smoking "products" on the market that you can choose. So why should you choose FreshStart™?

1) FreshStart™ is a "process", not a "product"

FreshStart™ permanently changes your attitude towards smoking. Its power comes from your desire to become a non-smoker. FreshStart™ literally "switches off" any thoughts of smoking, for ever. Once this change takes place, remaining a non-smoker is easy - you won’t even consider smoking, why would you? - you will be a non-smoker!

Patches and Gum do the opposite - by using these products you are subconsciously saying "There is something that I need in a cigarette, therefore I need to substitute the cigarette with something else." You replace one habit with another.

You already know that there is nothing in a cigarette that your body needs. Millions of non-smokers enjoy life without the need for cigarettes. You can join them.

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