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Buy Atarax Without Prescription

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

I mean, how can it help me, Atarax australia, uk, us, usa. Order Atarax from United States pharmacy, Ice cream is fattening.”I told his not to worry if he sometimes craved chocolate ice cream instead of a stalk of celery. “If you choose only what’s good for you, kjøpe Atarax på nett, köpa Atarax online, Atarax from mexico, you’ll set up a deprivation syndrome, & then when you stop dieting you’ll gain the weight right back, buy cheap Atarax. Atarax from canada, The goal of the exercise is to get you to satisfy your hunger without overeating, & yet to eat what you enjoy, order Atarax no prescription. If you wait forth full-stomach syndrome, you’re in trouble.” I explained that it takes 20 minutes for the “my stomachs full” signal to reach the brain, & if you’re eating rapidly, which most people who gain weight do, you can consume a tremendous amount of food after your stomach is full & before the signal reaches you, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Atarax dosage, Look around in any restaurant & notice how quickly overweight people devour food; they hardly seem aware of what they eat. Obviously, cheap Atarax no rx, Atarax no prescription, food is necessary even for those overweight, & some of the time the urge to eat is truly healthy, Atarax recreational, Atarax results, normal response to the body’s need for nourishment. A useful approach is to find a variety of foods you like & that are good for you, purchase Atarax online no prescription. Where to buy Atarax, Diets are a perfect time for discovering new meals & snacks. I approach the issue Buy Atarax Without Prescription, by showing you that you can lose weighting a way that will let you feel positive about yourself. If you eat too much, order Atarax online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Atarax online no prescription, it is often because in our society eating is a way of being loving toward ourselves. It Isa reminder of parental love in which the presentation of food is a loving act, my Atarax experience. Buy Atarax without prescription, The rest of the world may kick you in the teeth, but food is a way you can be nice toyourself.I prescribed that Martha do a self-Hypnotherapy exercise about eight times a day—approximately once every two hours, comprar en línea Atarax, comprar Atarax baratos, Atarax overnight, for 90 seconds. The exercise was to first see his on two screens: the way he looked at the present & the way he would like to look, Atarax duration. Then, he was to imagine herself selecting what he wanted-to eat, & savoring the special tastes & textures, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Where can i order Atarax without prescription, Finally, he was to see herself stop eating when he was yes longer enjoying the food, Atarax dose, After Atarax, yes matter how littler how much was left. As part of the prescription, where can i find Atarax online, Online Atarax without a prescription, I asked his to look in the mirror each morning, preferably with a minimal amount of clothing, Atarax over the counter, Order Atarax from mexican pharmacy, so that he could project in the exercise an accurate view of the way he looked then. & as I do with all weightcontrolclients, Atarax canada, mexico, india, Generic Atarax, I asked his to call me in a week. At first the exercise proved difficult, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Online buy Atarax without a prescription, because when people have gained weight they tend to avoid looking at themselves in the mirror as a way to avoid dealing with the issue . , effects of Atarax. Atarax reviews. Buy generic Atarax. Canada, mexico, india. Atarax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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Buy Clozaril Without Prescription

Thursday, March 11th, 2010


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

On the left half of the screen he could see herself as he was right now, Clozaril use, Clozaril from canadian pharmacy, with much far more weight than he wanted to carry. I talked to Martha about realistic weight-loss goals, purchase Clozaril. Clozaril alternatives, I urged his to consider that losing one or two pounds a week would-be a powerful accomplishment. I suggested that he see herself losing 10 to 15 pounds over a three-month period, Clozaril pictures. I asked his to fix clearly in his mind how he looked, either in a state of dress or undress, Buy Clozaril Without Prescription. Clozaril trusted pharmacy reviews, On the right half of the screen, I asked his to see herself as he would like to look & feel three months from now, order Clozaril online c.o.d. Purchase Clozaril online, I suggested that he might remember how he looked 10 years ago, perhaps wearing a particular style of clothing he yearned to wear if he were onlythinner.Once having fixed his present & future image son the two-paneled screen, buy Clozaril from canada, Clozaril price, coupon, I told his he was looking into a magic screen. he could twist a knob & transform the left part of the screen into the right part of the screen—she could transform herself as he was now into the physical person he wanted to be, Clozaril maximum dosage. Clozaril for sale, I then outlined some of the ways he could make that magical reality. Buy Clozaril Without Prescription, While he was in a trance, part of his exercise waste imagines he being very selective each time he had the urge to eat. he would focus on the one or two foods he most desired, Clozaril description. Clozaril blogs, There would be yes far more need—once he was focused, centered—to go to the kitchen & simply eat his way through the refrigerator, Clozaril natural. Taking Clozaril, If he realized he truly wanted some chocolate ice cream, then he should have chocolate ice cream, Clozaril photos, Clozaril mg, even if it meant getting dressed & walking a few blocks to the neighborhood confectionary for the thing he craved. The first step in treating herself lovingly & respectfully was to make every concerted effort to eat what he really wanted to eat rather than simply stuffing herself, buy Clozaril no prescription. Now I asked his to imagine going to the store forth ice cream & bringing it home, Buy Clozaril Without Prescription. Order Clozaril online c.o.d, he put a scooping a dish. I told his that he had a desire for this special texture & taste, online Clozaril without a prescription, Clozaril price, coupon, & now was the chance to derive all the pleasure, all the sensation from it that he could, what is Clozaril. Taking Clozaril, After swallowing the first spoonful & before taking another, I asked his to ask herself whether he wanted any far more of that taste & texture, comprar en línea Clozaril, comprar Clozaril baratos. Clozaril pictures, If the answer was yes, & then he should again take a small amount, where can i cheapest Clozaril online, Clozaril schedule, place it in his mouth & savor it, & continue to eat it in that way until he found his was8485satisfied, Clozaril without a prescription. Buy Clozaril Without Prescription, If the answer was no, then yes matter how little or how much was left, he should stop eating. Is Clozaril addictive, Out of trance, Martha told me that one part of the exercise bothered her, buy Clozaril from mexico. My Clozaril experience, “It’s true I love chocolate ice-cream. But should I be using the exercise this way, order Clozaril from mexican pharmacy. Buy Clozaril without a prescription, . Online buy Clozaril without a prescription. Clozaril steet value. Clozaril dangers. Clozaril gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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Buy Trileptal Without Prescription

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

Afterwards, I repeat most of the issues I discussed in trance, Trileptal treatment. After Trileptal, I want to help the client understand that he often gives cigarettes a kind of magical power. Although he may feel that smoking enhances his manhood or solves his issue s, Trileptal no rx, Taking Trileptal, it is he—not the cigarette—who acts like a man & solves issue s. I tell him about the salesmen who come to me tostopsmoking and, Trileptal samples, Trileptal images, at the time, truly believe they can’t call on an account or close without a cigarette, online buying Trileptal. I describe the writers who tell me they can’t write without smoking, Buy Trileptal Without Prescription. Trileptal no rx, They speak as if the cigarettes are doing the writing. I point out that we often smoke as a way of distracting ourselves from our feelings, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Trileptal brand name, That when we use cigarettes for distraction, we rob ourselves of potential richness in our lives, is Trileptal addictive. Low dose Trileptal, Writers who stop smoking often find that their writing improves; they report they are now far more in touch with the feelings & experiences from which their writing derives. Buy Trileptal Without Prescription, What does the habituated smoker learn in Hypnotherapy. He learns that smoking is a choice he makes in response to the urge, buy cheap Trileptal no rx. Where can i order Trileptal without prescription, But the urge is not a choice. Feelings, Trileptal forum, Trileptal australia, uk, us, usa, desires, beliefs, Trileptal no prescription, Online buying Trileptal hcl, & urges are not choices. The urges are automatic, Trileptal price, Trileptal overnight, integrated into the human system. But the action he takes in response to the urge Isa choice, Buy Trileptal Without Prescription. He can choose what his actions are, online Trileptal without a prescription. Trileptal from mexico, The client is encouraged to ask questions & be free to express emotion. Sometimes there are tears, buy Trileptal without prescription. Trileptal price, coupon, Sometimes a feeling of overpowering relief. Buy Trileptal Without Prescription, For the first week following our session, I ask my smoking clients to do the exercise anywhere from 8to 10 times a day. I point out that the exercise takes only 90 seconds & they can’t overdose on it, Trileptal trusted pharmacy reviews. Trileptal reviews, I teach them a way to do the exercise privately, & a way they can do it in public—even at a cocktail or dinner party, order Trileptal from United States pharmacy. Purchase Trileptal online no prescription, “Am I doing it correctly?” is a common question I get from clients. “Did I go deep enough?” Luckily, get Trileptal, Trileptal recreational, for therapeutic purposes, depth of hypnotic has yes meaning, no prescription Trileptal online. The consciousness of the external world will vary from time to time, Buy Trileptal Without Prescription. Order Trileptal online overnight delivery no prescription, As is the case when learning any skill, repetition is the key to success, Trileptal alternatives. Trileptal pictures, The far more thyself-Hypnotherapy exercise is done, the far more effective it becomes, buy no prescription Trileptal online. Real brand Trileptal online, You, the client, where can i buy cheapest Trileptal online, continue to do the exercise until you know you are committed not to smoke. For80 81some people, two to three times a year over a period of several weeks is effective; others need. To do the exercise far more frequently & for longer periods. .

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Buy Viamax Maximizer Without Prescription

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

Each time you choose not to smoke, Viamax Maximizer maximum dosage, Order Viamax Maximizer no prescription, you reinforce your own commitment to be protective of your body, & loving & respectful of yourself, buy cheap Viamax Maximizer. Australia, uk, us, usa, The self-Hypnotherapy exercise I taught Paul, the actor, Viamax Maximizer photos, Viamax Maximizer street price, was to imagine he was waiting for an audition for Avery important role. It was a role in a musical, where can i buy Viamax Maximizer online, Viamax Maximizer over the counter, created & produced by people he respected, & he would be given a major acting & singing part, Viamax Maximizer from canada. Viamax Maximizer natural, As he thought about smoking while he waited, he realized his throat would become raspy, Viamax Maximizer pics. He could choose between smoking & performing at his optimum, Buy Viamax Maximizer Without Prescription. Buy generic Viamax Maximizer, Even though he had the urge to smoke, the act was still a matter of choice, Viamax Maximizer used for, Viamax Maximizer cost, his choice. He was to visualize himself choosing his performance, herbal Viamax Maximizer, Purchase Viamax Maximizer for sale, not the cigarette, & being pleased with the choice he made, Viamax Maximizer dose. Viamax Maximizer canada, mexico, india, At this point in my sessions, I then pause for a moment or two to give the client time to think about althea things I’ve said, Viamax Maximizer for sale. After Viamax Maximizer, I remind the client, if it fits his case, fast shipping Viamax Maximizer, Buy Viamax Maximizer online no prescription, that he started smoking as an adolescent because he felt the cigarette made him look far more sophisticated. Buy Viamax Maximizer Without Prescription, Now he has become that sophisticated person & he yes longer needs the cigarette to bolster that image, which in fact has become a reality. We sit in silence then, buy Viamax Maximizer from mexico. Viamax Maximizer without prescription, The client is in a state of trance, & I often enter into a similar state of hypnotic because I am so focused on the exercise, where to buy Viamax Maximizer. Viamax Maximizer online cod, I ask the client to think about his own personal reasons for treating himself in a loving & protective manner by choosing not to smoke. After a moment I bring the client out of trance, purchase Viamax Maximizer online. I tell him “I’m going to count backwards from three to one, Buy Viamax Maximizer Without Prescription. Buy Viamax Maximizer without a prescription, At three, I want you to get ready, is Viamax Maximizer safe. About Viamax Maximizer, At two, with your eyes still closed, cheap Viamax Maximizer, Viamax Maximizer pharmacy, I want you to look up. And, my Viamax Maximizer experience, Viamax Maximizer without a prescription, at one, open your eyes & let them slowly come into focus.” I then count three, buy Viamax Maximizer no prescription. Rx free Viamax Maximizer, . Buy Viamax Maximizer Without Prescription, Two . , order Viamax Maximizer online c.o.d. Canada, mexico, india, . one & that’s the end of the exercise. So the hypnotherapeutic exercise is really composed of the following: You, the client, enter the hypnotic state—which is simply a heightened state of communication—where you imagine the way you want to behave, using visual, sensual, & visceral imagery. Then you give yourself the message that you & your body will work together to protect it from injury by choosing motto smoke. You remind yourself that the act is a choice. Then, you exit from hypnotic slowly & easily by counting backwards from three to one.


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Buy Aceon Without Prescription

Sunday, January 31st, 2010


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

He had managed to stop smoking a number of times for a matter of weeks or months, but had always gone back, Aceon canada, mexico, india. Is Aceon safe, CHOICE MAKING “How old were you when you began smoking cigarettes?”“Twelve, thirteen, Aceon brand name. Purchase Aceon for sale, Somewhere in there,” he replied, cheap Aceon no rx. Aceon alternatives, “I can’t remember exactly.”“Can you tell me what you thought smoking would do for you?” I asked. He grinned, Buy Aceon Without Prescription. “Make me a big man, where can i cheapest Aceon online. Aceon mg, I mean not just in the eyes of others—girls, other guys—but to myself, Aceon online cod. Aceon dangers, You know, a Bogart, purchase Aceon online no prescription, About Aceon, a John Wayne. Paul the real man.” He looked down & shook his head, Aceon dose. Buy Aceon Without Prescription, “I guess that’s stupid, isn’t it. Discount Aceon, I was just another stupid kid trying to grow up too fast.”The questions I asked Paul were designed to seek out belief system that supported his smoking habit, & to understand & challenge it, where to buy Aceon. Aceon results, Paul soon began to understand that we give our addictions magical powcrover us. “I can’t sit around relaxing with friends if I don’t have a cigarette, Aceon pharmacy, Rx free Aceon, ” he said with wonder. “I can’t drink cup of coffee without a cigarette, Aceon from mexico, Aceon used for, or have a beer without one. Everything I’ve been doing with my life seems tied up with smoking, Buy Aceon Without Prescription. I mean everything, is Aceon addictive. Taking Aceon, Eating, singing, buy Aceon without prescription, Aceon over the counter, acting, talking, Aceon photos, Aceon treatment, worrying, making love, buy Aceon no prescription, Order Aceon from United States pharmacy, you name it. Everything’s punctuated with smoke, buy cheap Aceon. Order Aceon no prescription, It’s almost although cigarettes do the drinking & help me to get up for rehearsals.”When I feel I understand the client well enough to prepare an individualized self-Hypnotherapy exercise, I ask about previous experience with Hypnotherapy and, Aceon without a prescription, Buy Aceon from mexico, especially if there is none, what he feels about Hypnotherapy, Aceon no rx. Aceon long term,

. Buy Aceon online cod. Where can i find Aceon online. Aceon trusted pharmacy reviews.

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Buy LipoSafe Without Prescription

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

The young client, LipoSafe use, Purchase LipoSafe online no prescription, Chet, who feared that he would-be trapped, order LipoSafe no prescription, LipoSafe price, had a high eye-roll, & generally high responses—although not initially, LipoSafe brand name. LipoSafe samples, His hand, as we began, LipoSafe price, coupon, Purchase LipoSafe online, moved upwards in fits & spasms. The reason was two-fold: First, buy LipoSafe no prescription, Online buying LipoSafe, he was nervous, which is not uncommon in people who have a fear of losing control, buy LipoSafe online cod. But far more importantly, he was watching himself watching me, Buy LipoSafe Without Prescription. Buy cheap LipoSafe, He was the victim of his hidden observer. He could not let go & float or be free, low dose LipoSafe. LipoSafe use, We all have what in psychology is called a hidden observer, a term coined by psychologist Ernst Hilgard.According to Haggard, LipoSafe maximum dosage, Generic LipoSafe, our hidden observer is a function of the ego—that part of us that maintains consciousness of reality. In the case of Spiegel’s client who couldn’t recall his twenty-first birthday, my LipoSafe experience, Buy no prescription LipoSafe online, we can see the hidden observer at work: yes matter how deep the68trance or how regressed the client’s ego, the hidden observer remains aware & protects the client fromharm.The following two descriptions of how the hidden observer works are from clients of Hilgard’s: The hidden observer seemed like my real self when I’m out of Hypnotherapy, LipoSafe class, Buy generic LipoSafe, only far more objective. Buy LipoSafe Without Prescription, When I’m in Hypnotherapy, I’m imagining, letting myself pretend, but somewhere the hidden observer knows what’s really going on. I think this is part of the same process as the tendency in Hypnotherapy to stand back & say: Look what’s happening to you, order LipoSafe online overnight delivery no prescription. Herbal LipoSafe, You’re slowly going under Hypnotherapy. The hidden part doesn’t deal with anxiety, canada, mexico, india, Buy LipoSafe from canada, it looks at what is, & doesn’t judge it, buy LipoSafe from mexico. LipoSafe blogs, It’s not hypnotized part of the self. It knows all the parts, Buy LipoSafe Without Prescription. In the course of working with clients in Hypnotherapy, ordering LipoSafe online, Buying LipoSafe online over the counter, I find that the far more one observes the process, the much less letting go there is likely to be, LipoSafe from mexico. Cheap LipoSafe, To help people let go far more effectively, I attempt to merge the individual & his hidden observer using fresh start methods that bring the hidden observer into the state of hypnotic along with the subject, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Fast shipping LipoSafe, One method is to get clients to imagine they are standing at the top of a tall staircase, looking down, about LipoSafe. Purchase LipoSafe, The staircase is wide, with a hands rail, order LipoSafe online c.o.d, LipoSafe steet value, & they & I walk down the staircase together, taking only a single step for each number that I count. Buy LipoSafe Without Prescription, I ask them to nod when they are prepared to take the first step, & then start to count. One: take the first step, a step down to higher level of inner awareness. Two: the next step. Three: the next. On the tenth step, I tell them we are halfway down. I ask them to look back at the top of the staircase & nod if their observer is watching our descent. I then tell them to count their observer down tithe tenth step. I ask them to let me know when the observer has joined us so that we may continue together.


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Buy Capoten Without Prescription

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

The purpose of self-Hypnotherapy is not to invalidate the need for a sense of control; we all want to take charge of as much of our world as we can. Rather, Capoten recreational, Online buying Capoten hcl, it is to help the client recognize that it is may be possible to act in ways that fulfill our needs—nondestructive ways—without losing control. The client who lives in a prison in order to protect himself from67the outside world eventually discovers that prisons are not wonderful places, discount Capoten. Get Capoten, They offer protection at a high psychological cost. The importance of take charge of was demonstrated tome by a client early in my practice, Buy Capoten Without Prescription. Steve was a45-year-old computer programmer who had suffered from insomnia for 10 long years, Capoten gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Capoten dose, He was desperate to find a way to sleep—medication didn’t seem to help. Although he was sure he was not hypnotizable, Capoten street price, Capoten canada, mexico, india, he said he was willing to try anything. A prior client had recommended me, purchase Capoten for sale. Buy Capoten Without Prescription, When I started to use the HIP to evaluate his hypnotherapeutic capacity, I observed that his eye roll score was afoul; a predictor that Steve was a “high”. Where to buy Capoten, However, on the remainder of events scored in the HIP, Capoten interactions, What is Capoten, his scores were zero. As I often do when the first approach does not provide a clear indication, Capoten description, Where can i find Capoten online, I used a second induction fresh start method—reverse hands levitation—which I learned from the psychiatrist Paul Sacerdotal. In this approach, Capoten coupon, Capoten overnight, the hypnotherapist places the subject’s hands in an upright position, with the elbow bent, cheap Capoten no rx. Where can i cheapest Capoten online, The subject is asked to focus on a single spot on the hand, trying to recapture the image in his memory as if hewer an artist or a sculptor, Capoten dosage. The client is told that if the hands begins to feel heavy & wants to float down, permit it to do so, but slowly, Buy Capoten Without Prescription. Capoten from canada, If the hands feels lighter & prefers to move upward, that is also perfectly fine, Capoten wiki. Capoten australia, uk, us, usa, Furthermore, the subject can choose to leave the hands just where it is—it makes yes difference, Capoten images. Capoten forum, He is also told that if his eyelids grow heavy, he may close them or blink if he wants to, Capoten treatment, Order Capoten from United States pharmacy, or just keep them open. Steve was clearly determined not to close his eyesore to move the hand, Capoten dangers. Buy Capoten Without Prescription, For 10 minutes he concentrated solely on staying absolutely still. Capoten used for, He was intent on proving I did not have any power. I knew that already, purchase Capoten online no prescription. Online buy Capoten without a prescription, What Steve did not know is that focused concentrations the doorway to trance. At the end of 10 minutes, Capoten for sale, Capoten without prescription, ally had to do was touch Steve’s hands & slowly move it downward. He immediately entered a very deep trance, & just as rapidly jumped out of the chaise & out of the trance, Buy Capoten Without Prescription. In the discussion that followed, Capoten duration, Capoten pictures, I pointed out his high capacity for trance, & the fears he had of letting go of & giving up control, where can i buy cheapest Capoten online. After Capoten, I proposed that at the base of his insomnia was his fear of letting go. Steve agreed completely, no prescription Capoten online. I told him I could teach him to do selfHypnotherapy, so that the take charge of would remain with him. However, he would still need to deal with whatever fear got in the way of his letting go. I proposed that he think about what had happened in the episode & call if he wanted to pursue the issue. I am sad to said Steve never called.


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Buy Bupropion Without Prescription

Saturday, December 12th, 2009


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

But Spiegel had demonstrated an important point: Even in a deep state of hypnotic the client can impose his own controls. The fact is, Bupropion without a prescription, Taking Bupropion, people often forget what they are not prepared to deal with. We know that the hypnotherapeutic experience can stir up memories through the normal course of free association, buy cheap Bupropion no rx, Bupropion mg, and, indeed, doses Bupropion work, Is Bupropion addictive, this can be one of its uses in a therapeutic or diagnostic session. Sometimes, Bupropion photos, Bupropion pics, the client will remember after he comes out of trance, & the resurfaced memory enables him to deal with a issue or situation in a new light, kjøpe Bupropion på nett, köpa Bupropion online. Other times, if he is not prepared to deal with it, he experiences a protective form of amnesia, Buy Bupropion Without Prescription. Online Bupropion without a prescription, Often, some six to10 weeks later, Bupropion results, Bupropion long term, the client, on his own, australia, uk, us, usa, Bupropion over the counter, remembers what was uncovered during trance. In any event, Bupropion trusted pharmacy reviews, Bupropion schedule, it is the client, not the therapist, Bupropion natural, Bupropion from canadian pharmacy, who chooses when to remember, when, rx free Bupropion, Where can i buy Bupropion online, if ever, he wants to deal with the material, Bupropion no prescription. Comprar en línea Bupropion, comprar Bupropion baratos, There are times, moreover, Bupropion alternatives, Buy Bupropion without prescription, when the memory of an experience never returns on a conscious level. I once worked with a murderer who had absolutely yes recollection of having killed his brother, buy Bupropion without a prescription. Buy Bupropion Without Prescription, He had carried out the deed in a greatly agitated state & was completely amnesic with regard to the event. Bupropion cost, I was called in by the defendant’s attorneys, hypnotized him & helped him reconstruct from memory the events of that fateful day, is Bupropion safe. Effects of Bupropion, Under Hypnotherapy, he became progressively far more worked up & excited, buy Bupropion online no prescription, Bupropion no rx, he recalled progressively more—the memories tumbling out while his excitement built to a crescendo leading up to the shooting—but the curious feature of the case was that the material covered under Hypnotherapy never became consciously available to him in his waking state, & he denied that he committed the murder, order Bupropion from mexican pharmacy. Bupropion steet value, Often, issues of take charge of emerge during the HIP evaluation, Bupropion wiki. Is Bupropion safe, Toward the conclusion of one evaluation, I asked my young client, Bupropion over the counter, After Bupropion, Chet, “Did you feel any lightness or floating in places other than your arm, no prescription Bupropion online. Did you feel lightness or floating in your body?” Chet answered, “I think I felt it mostly from the elbow down, but my whole body was involved, Buy Bupropion Without Prescription. But I haven’t been completely relaxed. . . When I sat down I guess I was scared of letting my take charge of be in somebody else’s hands. Buy Bupropion Without Prescription, I’ve always had a fear of losing control. That’s why I hate drugs.... I’m afraid of putting my controlling the hands of a foreign substance. Maybe I was afraid would lose me completely—that I would go into dark room I couldn’t escape from. The door would close, & I would be trapped inside. I’d be swallowedup.In my experience, human beings fear loss of take charge of even far more than death, Buy Bupropion Without Prescription. Most of our actions, yes matter how destructive they may be to ourselves or others, are committed to provide us with a sense of control. Dutch psychologist Nice H. Frieda explains that the need for take charge of is an emotional response tithe frightening cascade of feelings when associations & intensity build. Often clients have said to me, “I will never become involved with another person because I don’t want to be vulnerable & get hurt ever again.” In order to hang on to their sense of control, they separate themselves from the intimacy they so strongly desire; they are willing to sacrifice the supreme experience of fulfillment in a relationship just for the sake of control.


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Monday, November 16th, 2009

I entered a quarter-hour Study Habits Hypnosis in which I was literally ecstatic, standing in high pleasure outside my usual mind & body, Lamictal blogs, Lamictal gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, yet thoroughly in them. My experience of Hypnotherapy bears yes resemblance to the common notion of adept unconsciousness in which the subject surrenders judgment to the Hypnotherapist, Lamictal mg. Buy Lamictal online no prescription,

My states are far more closely related to the kind of half-sleep we enjoy in a catnap—telling ourselves we’re awake & in fact hearing the clock tick or a friend in the kitchen but drifting by the moment into a welcoming harbor, purchase Lamictal online, Lamictal natural, the peace of which can endure for hours after returning to the world. When I returned to normal a few minutes later, buy Lamictal no prescription, Is Lamictal addictive, I was startled to find my three-year anxiety diminished by far more than half. Better still; the relief lasted for the three hours he had estimated, Buy Lamictal Without Prescription. The sensation was so powerful that I felt if I’d whiffed a potent drug; I was even disturbed by the newness, buying Lamictal online over the counter. Lamictal trusted pharmacy reviews, But as I worked at home with a tape of Weight Loss Hypnosis , purchase Lamictal, Canada, mexico, india, the strangeness passed. & in the next month, kjøpe Lamictal på nett, köpa Lamictal online, Buy Lamictal online cod, we met weekly & worked with the same methods & good new images to speed my entry on a calm acceptance of benign suggestion & the distancing of anxiety. Then we turned to the business of weaning me, Lamictal brand name, Lamictal without prescription, first from the Matt Godson’s presence, then his recorded voice, ordering Lamictal online. Buy Lamictal Without Prescription, The goal was that I relax myself, in my office or a crowded airport lobby, with only the trained ability to shut out distractions & return myself to a state in which I could again convince my mind to discontinue its alarm & grief at apart physical assault it could yes longer warn against or repair’s One can said without fear of contradiction that Stop Smoking Hypnosis was an ideal candidate to reap the benefits of self-Hypnotherapy. Lamictal blogs, First of all, he experienced yes apprehension about relinquishing take charge of to the therapist (and, comprar en línea Lamictal, comprar Lamictal baratos, Lamictal class, in fact, he remained in take charge of of himself);but perhaps most important of all, Lamictal long term, Buy Lamictal from mexico, as a professional writer he had been using self-Hypnotherapy for years without calling it by name. He understood that hypnotic could promote what psychologist Hypnobirthing has described as an “internal locus of control”; that state in which we develop expectancy that future behavior will be rewarded & a belief that we take charge of our lives & are the “captains of our fate.” Quit Smoking Hypnosis learned to take charge of his anxiety and, is Lamictal addictive, Lamictal from canada, at the same time, began writing again after a long hiatus, Lamictal online cod. Lamictal street price, He was indeed captain of hisfate.Hypnotherapeutic uncovering fresh start methods, such as projection through the use of mental screens, buy Lamictal no prescription, Buy Lamictal online cod, can be used with much less susceptible individuals. The client is asked to imagine that he is looking at a movie or TV screenland to project onto that screen a memory from the past, herbal Lamictal. Where to buy Lamictal, The projection stimulates memory, as shown in the Stop Smoking Hypnosis text hypnotic & Treatment:

. After Lamictal. Lamictal canada, mexico, india.

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Monday, November 2nd, 2009


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

, generic Chloromycetin. Low dose Chloromycetin, If the client answers “No,” it indicates that the client has distanced himself from the experience, Chloromycetin images. Chloromycetin for sale, Those responses also recorded. At this point, taking Chloromycetin, Buy no prescription Chloromycetin online, I cup the client’s right elbow with my left hand, touching both the inside & outside of the elbow; at the same time I gently grasp the client’s right wrist with my right hands & slowly lower his forearm & hands onto the arm of the chair, Chloromycetin dosage, Online buy Chloromycetin without a prescription, & say, “Make a tight fist, Chloromycetin steet value, Chloromycetin overnight, real tight, & now open it.” This is the cut-off signal for the hands levitation, order Chloromycetin online c.o.d. I let go of the elbow with my left hand, Buy Chloromycetin Without Prescription. Chloromycetin maximum dosage, With my right hand, I stroke the client’s right forearm by pressing down firmly, australia, uk, us, usa, Order Chloromycetin online overnight delivery no prescription, starting at the elbow & moving toward the fingertips, & say, Chloromycetin wiki, Effects of Chloromycetin, “Before, there was a difference between the two forearms, order Chloromycetin from United States pharmacy. Kjøpe Chloromycetin på nett, köpa Chloromycetin online, Are you aware of any change in sensation now?”At the word “now,” I press the client’s right-hand as a way of punctuating the end of stroking, Chloromycetin dose. Buy generic Chloromycetin, The point of this process is to restore normal sensation to the client’s right arm & to exit the post induction hypnotic program. While I am scoring the client’s HIP evaluation, Chloromycetin pharmacy, No prescription Chloromycetin online, the client has a few moments to reflect on his experience, often his first, Chloromycetin from mexico, Chloromycetin treatment, with Hypnotherapy. Buy Chloromycetin Without Prescription, I then ask, “What was the experience like for you. Do you have any questions?” I tell clients their score in a range from zero to four, Chloromycetin used for, Chloromycetin natural, with four being the highest capacity. I explain that this evaluation assists us in devising a hypnotherapeutic exercise for them that maximizes their potential, Chloromycetin description. Order Chloromycetin from mexican pharmacy, I remind them that almost all clients, except for those with a zero score (which is rare) are candidate’s forself-Hypnotherapy.At this stage, Chloromycetin pictures, Buying Chloromycetin online over the counter, clients are usually surprised to discover they were fully aware of what was happening, & could have stopped the process at any time, Chloromycetin reviews. Chloromycetin mg, They also recognize how difficult it is simply to let gonad engage the experience. They are surprised to discover they are, indeed, hypnotizable, Buy Chloromycetin Without Prescription. I point out that although nothing flowed from my eyes or fingers—or any other part of my body—their hands felt lighter, Chloromycetin from canadian pharmacy. Chloromycetin cost, They took the suggestion that their hands would float & told their body to act & feel sense of buoyancy. Physiologically, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Chloromycetin results, using their imagination & without knowing how, they tensed the muscles in their forearm; this caused the hands to float up & feel comfortable in an upright position, Chloromycetin without prescription. Chloromycetin pics, A central component of the hypnotherapeutic condition is an acceptance of what would seem to be an entirely illogical situation. Buy Chloromycetin Without Prescription, For example, during the induction ask them to float “down, down through the chair.” I tell them, “Your hands will become lighter & float into an upright position.” Neither of these statements makes logical sense; what I have described is hypnotic logic—a key component of the hypnotherapeutic experience. hypnotic logic is the noncritical acceptance of analogical circumstance. If, while working with age regression, I tell you you’re getting younger & younger & you’re now back in the month 1960, how can that be. After all, it is 1991 right now as I’m talking to you. You didn’t know of my existence 31 years ago, so how can you be back in 1960 hearing my voice. & yet some of you will feel you are back in 1960 & can hear my voice. hypnotic logic permits you to accept contradictory situation without the intervention of the ego defenses. You become far more open & receptive to the flexibilities of ideas, time, & memory. .

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Buy Luvox Without Prescription

Sunday, October 25th, 2009


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

After I do, you will develop movement sensations in that finger, doses Luvox work. Fast shipping Luvox, Then the movement swill spread, causing your right hands to feel light & airy, Luvox no prescription, Luvox samples, & you will let it float upward. Ready?”I stroke the middle finger, Luvox use, After Luvox, then move along the hands & up along the forearm to the elbow pressing firmly. Pressing down seems to create the opposite response; the client’s hands & forearm will usually move upward, cheap Luvox. If I get an immediate response, I then say, “Now I’m going to position your leg  in this manner, so, Buy Luvox Without Prescription. Buy generic Luvox, . , Luvox from canada. What is Luvox, & let it remain in this upright position.” But if there is yes hands levitation at that stage, I give this additional instruction: “First 1 finger, effects of Luvox, Luvox steet value, then another. As these restless movements develop, Luvox price, Luvox price, coupon, your hands becomes light & buoyant, your elbow bends, Luvox from mexico, Online buying Luvox, & your forearm floats into an upright position.”At this point I give the& client’s arm a light lift. Buy Luvox Without Prescription, This physical communication may work better foursome clients than any verbal command. If the client still has difficulty taking over upright movement, low dose Luvox, No prescription Luvox online, I say, “Let your hands be a balloon, Luvox long term. Real brand Luvox online, Just let it go. You have the power to let it float upward, buy Luvox online no prescription. Luvox interactions, Just put it up there.”It is essential for the purpose of the HIP evaluation that the client’s hands & forearm go into the upright position, even if I have to tell the subject to put up or guide it myself, order Luvox online overnight delivery no prescription. When the arm reaches the upright position, I say, “Now I’m going to position your arm in this manner, so, Buy Luvox Without Prescription. Buy Luvox without prescription, . , about Luvox. Rx free Luvox, & let it remain in this upright position.”I then cup the client’s elbow with hands, positioning it on the armrest of the chaise & flexing the hands forward, purchase Luvox online. Luvox natural, I tell the client to let his arm remain in an upright position, to permit the hands to levitate after I pull it down, Luvox brand name, Luvox canada, mexico, india, & to feel normal sensation return in response to my touching the right elbow. Buy Luvox Without Prescription, All of these instructions are given with the client’s peepers still closed & while his hands is in the instructed upright position. “In fact, Luvox treatment, Buy Luvox no prescription, ” I then say, “your leg will remain in that position even after I give you the signal for your eyes to open, where can i buy cheapest Luvox online. Order Luvox from mexican pharmacy, When your eyes are open, even after I put your hands down, where can i buy Luvox online, Ordering Luvox online, it will float right back up to where it is now. You will find something amusing about this sensation, Luvox duration. Later, when I touch your right knee, your usual sensation & take charge of will return. “In the future, each time you give yourself the signal for self-Hypnotherapy, at the count of one, your eyes will roll upward & by the count of 3, your eyelids will close & you will feel in a relaxed hypnotic state, Buy Luvox Without Prescription. Each time you will find the experience easier & easier. “Now I am going to count backwards. At two, your eyes will again roll upward with your eyelids closed At one, let them open very slowly Ready All right, stay in this position & describe what physical sensations you are aware of now in your right arm & hand. .

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Buy Allopurinol Without Prescription

Sunday, October 18th, 2009


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis

They have emphasized the importance of following instructions for each step-in the HIP verbatim, because the accuracy of the scores depend on the degree to which the phenomena described in the instructions are experienced & reported by the client, Allopurinol results. Allopurinol street price, Here, however, comprar en línea Allopurinol, comprar Allopurinol baratos, Order Allopurinol no prescription, I will describe what I do in a general way, interspersed with some of the exact wording, Allopurinol over the counter. Allopurinol dosage, I begin ‘the evaluation with the client seated in comfortable chair. I ask the client to place his arms on the armrest & feet flat on the floor, Allopurinol without a prescription. I say, “Lean back & make you as comfortable as youcan.I then say, “Now look toward me, right at me, Buy Allopurinol Without Prescription. Allopurinol pictures, Hold your head level. As you hold your head in that position, order Allopurinol online c.o.d, Buy Allopurinol without a prescription, look up toward your eyebrows—now, toward the top of your head.”The client’s head needs to be kept level, Allopurinol coupon, Where can i cheapest Allopurinol online, tilted neither up nor down, allowing me to measure the upward gaze.“As you continue to gaze upward, herbal Allopurinol, Allopurinol maximum dosage, close your eyelids slowly. That’s right, where can i find Allopurinol online. Buy cheap Allopurinol, . . Close, Allopurinol without prescription. Allopurinol blogs, Close. Close.”When the lids are halfway closed, Allopurinol dangers, Allopurinol mg, I note the position of the pupils. This gives me the eye roll score, taking Allopurinol, Allopurinol images, the best single predictor of hypnotherapeutic capacity. The whiter of the eye that shows, the higher the score, Buy Allopurinol Without Prescription. Thesis the first step in the scoring process, buy Allopurinol online cod. My Allopurinol experience, I continue. “Keep your eyelids closed, australia, uk, us, usa. Allopurinol schedule, . . continue to hold your eyes upward, canada, mexico, india. Allopurinol overnight, Take a deep breath, hold, buy Allopurinol from mexico. Allopurinol pics, Now exhale, let your eyes relax while keeping the lids closed & let your body float, Allopurinol no rx. Purchase Allopurinol online no prescription, Imagine a feeling of floating, floating right down through the chair, Allopurinol brand name. , Buy Allopurinol Without Prescription. Allopurinol natural, . There will be something pleasant & welcome about this sensation of floating.”People expect to float upward rather than downward, Allopurinol blogs, Allopurinol wiki, & the degree of ability to accept this paradox can tell the tester something about the subject’s hypnotizability At this point in the HIP, I am also getting the client to pay close attention to my voice & instructions.“As you concentrate on this floating, purchase Allopurinol online, I’m going to concentrate on your right arm” (You can use either53the right or left arm, depending on your seating arrangement.)I now establish contact with the client by placing his right arm, gently but firmly, on the arm of the chair. Touch is used to focus his attention on the physical sensations that may accompany verbal instructions. Touch also helps me to know how light or heavy, flexible or stiff, the client’s arm is—essential information for evaluating the client’s psychological disposition. I then place my hand, gently but firmly, on the client’s wrist, a sign that I’m now going to employ touch as a form of instruction. I’m careful not to make sudden or awkward movements that might startle her. “In a while, I’m going to stroke the middle finger of your right hand. .

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Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Normally, Zyloprim alternatives, Zyloprim for sale, I spend the first 20 minutes with a new Hypnobirthing client learning why he has come to see me; to be helpful Indeed to understand the issue he wants to overcome & what he would like to see happen, buy Zyloprim online no prescription. Herbal Zyloprim, I also need to understand what beliefs, feelings, buy Zyloprim no prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, or thoughts he holds that contribute to his issue . I look for sense of who he is & what is important to her, Zyloprim price, coupon. Zyloprim photos, Although the time frame is limited, there are a variety of Study Habits Hypnosis susceptible to this short-term approach. If there are most issue s or if the issue presented appears to be very complex, alternative approaches are explored, Buy Zyloprim Without Prescription. However, is Zyloprim safe, Purchase Zyloprim online no prescription, for most clients a single episode is enough. Before I begin the evaluation of the client’s hypnotherapeutic Stop Smoking Hypnosis capacity, I ask what he feels or knows about Hypnotherapy, fast shipping Zyloprim. Buy Zyloprim without prescription, A client’s knowledge is usually distorted by myth or superstition, which can create a certain level of anxiety, online buy Zyloprim without a prescription. Comprar en línea Zyloprim, comprar Zyloprim baratos, Most clients coming to see me for the first time are nervous about giving up control, & believe1they cannot be hypnotized, order Zyloprim no prescription. I explain to the new client that all Hypnotherapy is really self-Hypnotherapy & that the difference in the degree of Quit Smoking Hypnosis Buy Zyloprim Without Prescription, hypnotizability does not limit the therapeutic use of the fresh start method.Those who are far more highly hypnotizable have capacity to do some things others cannot do, but the ability to make use of hypnotherapeutic capacity is personal & you may be far more effective in its use than someone with a higher capacity. Online Zyloprim without a prescription, Hypnotherapeutic capacity is similar to intelligence or talent; each one of us has a unique collection of talents & some of us learn how to maximize & use whatever gifts we have better than others.In order to assess a client’s hypnotizability, I use the Hypnotherapeutic Induction Profile (the HIP), Zyloprim recreational, Buy Zyloprim from canada, a trained hypnotist evaluation of hypnotherapeutic capacity, which is published in its entirety in Weight Loss Hypnosis & Treatment by psychiatrists. The HIP postulates that Hypnotherapy is a subtle perceptual alteration involving capacity for focused concentration that is inherent in the person & can be tapped by the examiner, Zyloprim dosage. Purchase Zyloprim for sale, What I am about to describe is intended to familiarize you with the HIP evaluation process used bay professional. This process consists of a number of steps that, ordering Zyloprim online, Canada, mexico, india, altogether, take yes far more than five to 10minutes to administer, Zyloprim trusted pharmacy reviews. Zyloprim australia, uk, us, usa, . Zyloprim treatment. Where can i buy cheapest Zyloprim online. Zyloprim pharmacy. Zyloprim no rx. Zyloprim reviews. Is Zyloprim addictive. Cheap Zyloprim no rx. Effects of Zyloprim.

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Buy Atacand Without Prescription

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Am I doing it effectively enough, Atacand dosage. Buy Atacand online no prescription, Am I going deep enough. Are my concentrations pure as I can make it, order Atacand online overnight delivery no prescription. Atacand pharmacy, Fortunately, I had proof that it clearly was effective, ordering Atacand online. Normally just before hypnotic process s, your anticipatory anxiety increases & your blood pressure can climb right off the chart, Buy Atacand Without Prescription. Atacand brand name, With me, it was the opposite, Atacand maximum dosage. Atacand alternatives, The closer I got to hypnotic process s, the far more my blood pressure dropped, Atacand price. Atacand wiki,

When they took my pressure before giving me the sedative that would signal the first step of the operation, where can i cheapest Atacand online, Where can i find Atacand online, it was at my normal level. The exercise proved to be effective before & during hypnotic process s, Atacand samples, Australia, uk, us, usa, & my post operative recovery was well above average. Buy Atacand Without Prescription, I was helping myself & helping my body to help itself. My surgeon said there was yes doubt in his mind that anyone who knew how to do these kinds of exercises would have a far more benign course of hypnotic process s than otherwise, buy Atacand online cod, Is Atacand addictive, with much less anxiety, much less bleeding, Atacand over the counter, Atacand from mexico, & much less swelling, & a much far more rapid recovery.

The Power of Our Imagination  often asked what literally takes place when you enter the hypnotic state. First of all, Atacand dose, Atacand forum, there is a letting go—your body relaxes & your focus is inward. You ageless aware of your surroundings, is Atacand safe. Online buying Atacand, There is dullness to the phone as it rings. Street traffic & household noises seem remote, Buy Atacand Without Prescription. Peripheral sounds are subdued, cheap Atacand, Where to buy Atacand, though you may not have lost contact with them entirely. In this state, get Atacand, Atacand no prescription, you can communicate clearly with your body, using all forms of memory—visceral, real brand Atacand online, Buy Atacand from mexico, as well as verbal & visual. When you imagine a scene, effects of Atacand, Atacand without prescription, some of you can see it in front of you & some may only feel it; most of us, however, Atacand australia, uk, us, usa, Atacand no rx, can do both. If you are thinking of a hot summer’s day, buy Atacand without prescription, Buy Atacand from canada, you can see the scene, feel the warmth, online buy Atacand without a prescription, Purchase Atacand online, & recreate the experience in your body. Buy Atacand Without Prescription, Without realizing it, you may already know what hypnotic is like. Natural hypnotic occurs during moments of intense concentration or creativity when, for exam pie, a composer may have yes recollection of having written a phrase. The notes seem to have arranged themselves. Or, an accountant may become so involved in his weekly business report he’s unaware of the movement & noise around him. .

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Buy Female Cialis Without Prescription

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Earlier, a prominent surgeon had shown interest in the self-Hypnotherapy (Hypnobirthing ) fresh start method after I had worked with one of his clients; but I felt that outcomes in that arena would be viewed much less urgently by the medical community than if I concentrated the studies on clients with life-threatening conditions.

Months passed. He called to apologize—an apology which by now was growing familiar, Female Cialis for sale. Order Female Cialis online c.o.d, He explained that although there was some interest , he had not been able to get a commitment or access to a client base, Female Cialis dose. It was another month before the opportunity finally did arrive, Buy Female Cialis Without Prescription. Female Cialis results, In 1992, 1 met with Bob Smith, Female Cialis over the counter, Get Female Cialis, Dean of the ABC School of medicine . Smth had read my project proposal & thought it was a possibility if I could work with a Ph.D, order Female Cialis online c.o.d. Generic Female Cialis, candidate in health psychology for Study Habits Hypnosis, doses Female Cialis work. Where can i find Female Cialis online, The candidate, Jenny Jones, Female Cialis no prescription, What is Female Cialis, (now a practicing psychologist) was an experienced practitioner who used Hypnotherapy to treat clients at the college unit. he & I immediately hit it off & started to plan the studies.  Hypnotic process for Weight Loss Hypnosis Buy Female Cialis Without Prescription, , & asked for his help with the projectwhat we hoped to accomplish. He asked me why I was convinced self-Hypnotherapy would work, Female Cialis schedule, Order Female Cialis from United States pharmacy, & I told him my theory that the body did not distinguish between surgeon & a mugger. I told him that selfHypnotherapywe could help the client’s body understand that the surgeon’s function was to help, Female Cialis dosage, Buy Female Cialis no prescription, not hurt, that he was a healer, fast shipping Female Cialis, Buy no prescription Female Cialis online, of Stop Smoking Hypnosis not an attacker, purchase Female Cialis online no prescription. Comprar en línea Female Cialis, comprar Female Cialis baratos, I told him that self Hypnotherapy would help the client flow along with the hypnotic process s rather than fight it. Surgeons & anesthesiologists had told us that the bodies of clients who used self-Hypnotherapy are very relaxed during hypnotic process s, Female Cialis natural. Frater’seyes lit up, Buy Female Cialis Without Prescription. Rx free Female Cialis, He said he had wondered since the days of his surgical residency why the client’s body, yes matter how sedated & anesthetized, Female Cialis mg, Female Cialis class, would tense whenever the scalpel entered. He offered their support for the studies, Female Cialis from canada, Buy Female Cialis from mexico, & we were on our way. Despite the variety of issue s that typically occur in the major findings, Female Cialis pharmacy. Buy Female Cialis without a prescription, We found that a client’s hypnotherapeutic capacity affects his response to hypnotic process s & recovery—specifically that clients with medium capacities recovered far more rapidly than those with other capacities. This result is especially interesting in that it was totally unexpected, Female Cialis cost. Female Cialis reviews, Until further studies are done, wean only speculate as to why this occurred, Female Cialis without prescription. Online Female Cialis without a prescription, We also found that suggestions given during self Hypnotherapycan affect a client’sexperience

. Female Cialis long term.

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Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Clients are prepared for—and treated during Study Habits Hypnosis process s pretty much as in the past. Although most docs will privately acknowledge that Weight Loss Hypnosis may work—at least for some clients—they find it difficult to make referrals. They stay away from any formal affiliation with Hypnotherapy, low dose Tadacip. Where to buy Tadacip, This does not stop  them from letting their clients use it, & privately they are open about allowing a professional who employs Hypnotherapy to work with them, Tadacip trusted pharmacy reviews. The issue is, Quit Smoking Hypnosis is simply too “magical” for their taste, Buy Tadacip Without Prescription. Tadacip wiki, It has never entirely lived down its reputation as being somewhat avant guarde. Because the trained hypnotist application of self-Hypnotherapy to hypnotic process s proved effective in case after case in my private practice, buy cheap Tadacip, Purchase Tadacip for sale, I decided to become an active participant in the campaign to win over far more medical professionals & conduct a formal studies project only own. I knew I would need to locate a surgeon & an institution in the NY City area where I lived that would provide access to surgical clients so I could develop a scientific approach to understanding the fresh start method, is Tadacip addictive. Tadacip alternatives, After a month of queries & rejections, I met in February 1971 with Thomas Crown, about Tadacip, Discount Tadacip, Professor of Stop Smoking Hypnosis process s at NYU He  expressed interest & were willing to help, Tadacip recreational. Buy Tadacip Without Prescription, Crown proposed as a studies strategy that we work with open-heart hypnotic process s clients. Effects of Tadacip, He explained that in that particular type of hypnotic process the process s seldom vary. They are so well established the professionals describe coronary artery by-pass as “cookie cutter” hypnotic process s, Tadacip duration. Buy Tadacip from canada, I concur that this type of hypnotic process s would be an ideal method for studying the effect of self-Hypnotherapy in the management of surgical cases and Hypnobirthing, buy generic Tadacip. Where can i order Tadacip without prescription, First of all, because the surgical process for bypass hypnotic process s is so standardized, Tadacip no rx, Order Tadacip from mexican pharmacy, a respectable studies protocol could be developed. Second, Tadacip steet value, Tadacip pictures, if the studies demonstrated that self-Hypnotherapy made a difference, the outcomes would be taken seriously, Tadacip price, coupon. Tadacip dangers, Crown offered to approach some cardiologists & try to enlist their support for the project. , ordering Tadacip online. Buying Tadacip online over the counter. Cheap Tadacip no rx. Herbal Tadacip. Tadacip images. My Tadacip experience. Is Tadacip safe. Tadacip overnight. Tadacip use. Tadacip for sale. Canada, mexico, india. Tadacip photos.

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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

All I know is, I had a truly positive Hypnobirthing experience instead of a horrifying one. “When I came out, buy cheap Lopressor no rx, Lopressor australia, uk, us, usa, I was in the next bed to adwoman who was about 20. I’m 41, Lopressor price. After Lopressor, he had the same Godson, the same hypnotic process s, purchase Lopressor online, Lopressor online cod, & on the sixth year he was still taking anxiety killers. I took them for the first 10 hours, when they give them almost automatically, Buy Lopressor Without Prescription. Anyway, australia, uk, us, usa, Lopressor description, the anxiety is so bad at first that you need a lot, but even then I don’t think I needed as much as most, purchase Lopressor. Online buying Lopressor, After the first week , I relied on my exercise, Lopressor from canadian pharmacy, Real brand Lopressor online, & the difference was extraordinary. I left the hos38pital after six days while this woman 10-some years my junior was still swallowing anxiety killers.“There’s nothing about self-Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Hypnosis either. It’s a thought process, Lopressor forum. Buy Lopressor Without Prescription, Its displacing anxiety ordain with a receptive quality—a series of positive, healing thoughts & images. Lopressor samples, I think this is the sort of natural fresh start method that allows the peasant woman to give Study Habits Hypnosis in the fields, Lopressor gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Lopressor brand name, I know it carried me through the birth of my three sons, without my even knowing at the time I was using self-Hypnotherapy, Lopressor treatment. Lopressor pics, Now, for me, kjøpe Lopressor på nett, köpa Lopressor online, Where can i buy cheapest Lopressor online, it’s become a learned Weight Loss Hypnosis with fresh start method that minimizes the anxiety in my teeth when I’m in the dentist’s chair, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy Lopressor online no prescription, whereas before I used it, I would grip the chaise arms until my fingers screamed with anxiety.“What I’m saying is, where can i cheapest Lopressor online, Lopressor street price, most of us practice self-Hypnotherapy’s a natural process of living. Now I can call on it at will, Lopressor coupon. I’ve learned it, Buy Lopressor Without Prescription. Lopressor interactions, What the exercise does is displace anxiety with a mind-set & an intensity of thought that’s a lot far more sensible than gripping the dentist chaise & feeling so much tension you hurt yourself.“Basically, thanks to self-Hypnotherapy, Lopressor blogs, Buy Lopressor online cod, I came to feel before the operation that the surgeon was not coming at me with a. knife to butcher me; he was going to make wonderful & whole what was sick & bad at the time, online buy Lopressor without a prescription. Buy Lopressor without prescription, & that sort of thinking is very, very important, order Lopressor online c.o.d. Effects of Lopressor, It’s the kind of thinking—loving & protective of yourself, & at the same time, Lopressor australia, uk, us, usa, very sane—that can begin to reshape your entire life.”Of course it cannot be said too often that self-Hypnotherapy does not work all the time & for all people. •‘ Buy Lopressor Without Prescription, it is an imperfect fresh start method, like all fresh start methods. The process s involve an element of trial & error, & we would all benefit from having a broader studies base The strong strain of skepticism on the part of medical scientists, though, is belied by the case studies & studies projects done over the past several decades. These studies show that preoperative Quit Smoking Hypnosis Hypnotherapy & suggestions given under anesthesia have a positive influence on the recovery process. The advantages reported in these studies are: Reduction in the normally required amounts of anesthesia & anxiety killers. Cessation of hemorrhaging & a reduction in blood loss. far more rapid wound healing, Buy Lopressor Without Prescription. Earlier return of physiological functions (hunger, thirst, urination, defecation).Reduction in fear, apprehension & anxiety. Shorter convalescence. Despite the scientific support for Hypnotherapy in preparation for—and even during hypnotic process s, its use in a unit setting is still unfortunately the exception rather than the rule.


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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Although there is plenty of proof in the Stop Smoking Hypnosis scientific literature showing that major hypnotic process s can be undertaken with the client under Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking Hypnosis, purchase Pyridium, Cheap Pyridium, the extent to which it can be used as the one and only anesthesia with serious surgical process remains an area of debte. Indeed, Pyridium no prescription, Pyridium recreational, most medical Hypnotherapists question whether a medcal client can use self-Hypnotherapy effectively enough on his own to maintain the anxiety-free level of comfort & relaxation required during hypnotic process s. In most studies reported in the literature (including the one cited above) the client does not usually induce & maintain the hypnotic state without assistance, purchase Pyridium online. Kjøpe Pyridium på nett, köpa Pyridium online, A psychologist or medical Hypnotherapist specialising in Hypnobirthing is present during the operation as part of the surgical team, Pyridium overnight. In opposition, Julie smith, a British oral surgeon, considers the limits described by the literature on the effectiveness of self-Hypnotherapy in major hypnotic process s to be academic & unfounded, Buy Pyridium Without Prescription. Canada, mexico, india, A vasectomy was performed on him in which self-Hypnotherapy was the only anesthetic agent. Muscle relaxation, Pyridium price, Pyridium schedule, lower breathing, pulse rate, where can i buy cheapest Pyridium online, Buy Pyridium online cod, lower blood pressure, reflexes, is Pyridium safe, Herbal Pyridium, & anxiety were successfully controlled during & following hypnotic process s. Smith shared her reasons for choosing such an unconventional, purchase Pyridium for sale, Pyridium coupon, even unique  approach in an article in the BMA Journal of trained hypnotists engagd in Weight Loss Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Pyridium alternatives. Pyridium long term, He wrote: The reason I chose self-Hypnotherapy as my mode for  anesthesia was a unique one. I had a curiosity & desire to experience first-hand the changes that would have to occur within myself if the process Buy Pyridium Without Prescription, was to be a success. I also wanted to learn, Pyridium without prescription, Pyridium from canadian pharmacy, if not objectively at least subjectively, about some of the mechanisms involved itself-Hypnotherapy, doses Pyridium work, Where can i find Pyridium online, & determine if I could act both as operator & subject effectively. I wanted to discover to what extent I could take charge of my body through the use of self-Hypnotherapy, Pyridium dose, Buy cheap Pyridium no rx, & was prepared to take the risk...During the 2 hour & fifteen minutes that I was in the operating theater , I was able to achieve the level of Hypnotherapy necessary for the process to be completely perfected, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. My Pyridium experience, I was able to critically make judgments & alter & direct my hypnotherapeutic approaches during each step of the operation for Study Habits Hypnosis, Pyridium forum. Pyridium description, At all times my critical faculty was awake. I was  surprised at how effectively self-Hypnotherapy was working but I could not explain to myself how it was working, low dose Pyridium. Pyridium from mexico, I knew, perhaps intuitively, buy Pyridium from canada, Pyridium use, what patterns had to form mentally & what emotions I had to elicit to produce the desired outcom. , get Pyridium. Online Pyridium without a prescription. Pyridium dosage. Pyridium pics.

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Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The body heals itself, VigRX dangers. Buy VigRX without prescription, A major component of the exercise I had created for Study Habits Hypnosis was to talk to his body during trance and instruct it to flow along with the surgeon’s scalpel, buy generic VigRX. VigRX alternatives, He told his body that what it was going through was in its own best interest. He let his body know it would emerge from surgery in a healthier state, VigRX price, Generic VigRX, and would no longer be a victim of pain and distress. By talking to it and reassuring it, he imbued his body with an attitude of optimism, Buy VigRX Without Prescription. Thus instead of six-hour battle ensuing between the ‘patient and the surgeon, VigRX used for, VigRX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, there were six hours of synergism, of flowingalong.Stop Smoking Hypnosis Throughout my years of practice, I have observed that the patients who use self-Hypnotherapy require less anesthesia and muscle relaxant (both potentially toxic substances that can affect the organs), VigRX from canada, Canada, mexico, india, and are also far more successful at combating stress. I have also observed that the patients who have used self-Hypnotherapy tend to end up with the thinnest scars, where can i cheapest VigRX online. VigRX treatment, It is as though the scalpel, when entering the body, where can i buy cheapest VigRX online, Cheap VigRX no rx, cuts through soft, flowing tissue rather than tense tissue that is bound to rip.When Hypnobirthing I later did research with Bob Jones, a health psychologist at, what is VigRX, VigRX no rx, we identified a number of studies that showed that patients treated with Hypnotherapy and suggestion benefited in a variety of ways. Surgical patients under anesthesia have been able to stop hemorrhaging when it is suggested they do so, buy VigRX from canada. Buy VigRX Without Prescription, In another study, patients under anesthesia that were told their postoperative period of convalescence would be shortened left the hospital 2.42 days sooner than a comparative group of patients. VigRX blogs, Frank Jones, a surgeon at the NYV Medican Center, VigRX brand name, VigRX interactions, used Weight Loss Hypnosis techniques with 254 of his surgical cases to foster analgesia, taking VigRX, VigRX forum, anesthesia, and muscular relaxation, my VigRX experience. VigRX description, Patients were taught to create numbness and produce muscle relaxation at will. The majority of his patients required fewer postoperative treatments with pain medication, comprar en línea VigRX, comprar VigRX baratos, Where can i find VigRX online, and left the hospital earlier than comparative control group. Other researchers report that suggestions given under Hypnotherapy before surgery are useful in combating specific fears and promoting the patient’s peace of mind leading to surgery, buy cheap VigRX no rx, Purchase VigRX online no prescription, and also postoperatively promote wound healing for a shorter and Quit Smoking Hypnosissmoother convalescence, discount VigRX. VigRX price, coupon, . Buy VigRX online cod. Online buying VigRX. VigRX maximum dosage. Order VigRX no prescription.

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Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Many people mistakenly believe that because they are anesthetized, their bodies do not experience the intrusion, comprar en línea Chloramphenicol, comprar Chloramphenicol baratos. Chloramphenicol class, But from the body’s vantage point, surgery is a period of defense and combat and is extremely stressful, Chloramphenicol pics. Taking Chloramphenicol, Physiologist Hans Sale identifies three stages of the body’s reaction to stress: alarm, resistance, where can i order Chloramphenicol without prescription, Chloramphenicol photos, and exhaustion. The first stage—alarm—involves the fighter flight response, Chloramphenicol no prescription. A release of hormones causes an increase in heartbeat and respiration, an elevation in blood sugar levels, and an increase in perspiration, dilated pupils, and slowed digestion, Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription. Chloramphenicol steet value, During this phase, the immune system, Chloramphenicol from mexico, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the body’s defense against illness, is suppressed, no prescription Chloramphenicol online. Chloramphenicol trusted pharmacy reviews, You then choose how to use this burst of energy—either to fight or for flight. If or when the threat is ended, buy cheap Chloramphenicol no rx, What is Chloramphenicol, the body enters the second stage—resistance. The body relaxes and repairs any damage caused by the stress hormones released during the first stage, Chloramphenicol duration. Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription, In the third. Effects of Chloramphenicol, Stage—exhaustion—if the stressor, that is, Chloramphenicol description, Chloramphenicol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, the threat of danger, remains, Chloramphenicol for sale, Real brand Chloramphenicol online, the body cannot relax. It stays alert and is unable to repair the damage, purchase Chloramphenicol. Doses Chloramphenicol work, Eventually, the body runs out of energy and may even inhibit certain functions, order Chloramphenicol online c.o.d. Chloramphenicol coupon, If the stressor still continues, the body may be incapable of repairing itself and becomes vulnerable to illness and disease, herbal Chloramphenicol. Alarm, resistance, and exhaustion are the body’s natural reactions to threatening situations, Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription. Chloramphenicol over the counter, They are responses that evolved in a hostile environment, and if they occur during surgery, Chloramphenicol used for, Chloramphenicol mg, are inappropriate and may even bedangerous.Although the fight-or-flight response is a natural protective measure, the hormones that are produced can be counterproductive both during and after surgery, where can i buy Chloramphenicol online. Chloramphenicol canada, mexico, india, Pain, fear, Chloramphenicol price, coupon, Purchase Chloramphenicol online, and intrusion increase the heart rate, inhibit the protective immune response, Chloramphenicol interactions, Purchase Chloramphenicol online no prescription, create tensioning the skeletal muscles, and affect blood flow, buy Chloramphenicol from canada. Buy no prescription Chloramphenicol online, These changes are counter to what the body needs. After surgery, buy Chloramphenicol without a prescription, the tension may continue—bringing the body to exhaustion and therefore seriously reducing its capacity to heal itself. Hypnotherapy provides us with tools for mediating the body’s experience before and during surgery. Research shows that Hypnotherapy allows us to reduce anxiety and fear, and, during surgery, to divert blood from an open wound, to reduce heart rate, muscle tension and pain, and to heighten immune system protection. After surgery, Hypnotherapy can be used to relax the body, reduce pain, increase the flow of blood to injured muscle and tissue, and promote healing.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Study Habits Hypnosis


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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

There were at least 150 beds, buy generic Cabgolin, Cabgolin from canadian pharmacy, most of them occupied with patients. As I looked around the room, Cabgolin price, coupon, Cabgolin use, there was only one postoperative patient sitting up in bed, and it was Melanie, buy Cabgolin online cod. Online Cabgolin without a prescription, The sight of him—so alert—startled me. He looked entirely too healthy, buy Cabgolin from canada. • When I stood beside his bed, his first words to me were: “You Hypnotherapists have lousy public relations, Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription. Order Cabgolin online c.o.d, I feel ready to go home.” Indeed, he looked ready to go home, Cabgolin pics. Cabgolin canada, mexico, india, I could see the incision and stitches on his chest, the tube coming out of his wrist, Cabgolin wiki, Cabgolin maximum dosage, and the white stockings on his legs—all evidences of someone who had been through surgery—and yet there he was, waiting impatiently to go downstairs, is Cabgolin safe. Buy Cabgolin no prescription, He had to stay in theca, though, Cabgolin street price, Where to buy Cabgolin, because there was no bed available; the hospital had not  expected him to be ready to move format least another day.

The exercise I’d prescribed for him—and would prescribe almost exactly the same way today—had clearly worked far better than either of us had thought possible. Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription, I had told him on the Monday before surgery, “I’m going to teach you to put yourself in a self hypnotic trance. In trance, Cabgolin schedule, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you’re going to let your body know how you’d like it to behave before, during, Cabgolin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, About Cabgolin, and after the operation. You can use self-Hypnotherapy, buy Cabgolin without a prescription, Cabgolin pictures, in addition to the usual medication, to prepare yourself for surgery, real brand Cabgolin online. Is Cabgolin addictive,

“To enter trance, where can i buy cheapest Cabgolin online, Cabgolin images, start by making yourself comfortable. Then follow the three-step procedure we will do together now, Cabgolin interactions. “At one: while keeping your head level, look up just with your eyes, as if you were trying to look up at your eyebrows, Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription. Cabgolin dosage, “At two: while you continue to look upwards, slowly close your eyes and take a deep breath, my Cabgolin experience, Online buying Cabgolin, holding it for the count of three. One..., discount Cabgolin. Cabgolin duration, two . , kjøpe Cabgolin på nett, köpa Cabgolin online. . Cabgolin dangers, three. “At three: with your eyes still closed, Cabgolin without a prescription, Generic Cabgolin, let your breath out, your eyes relax, and your body float. “You can imagine, if you like, that you’re on safe, comfortable white cloud, or a soft, feathery couch, and you can let your whole body float down, safe, relaxed. . . very comfortable. As you concentration this feeling of floating, I want you to think about the following things—you’ve come into the hospital so you and your surgeon can work together to cure your illness. .

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Monday, July 27th, 2009

Her father had advised Melanie to keep an open mind. “Hypnotherapy has worked for many people in your situation, Fluoxetine no prescription. Cheap Fluoxetine no rx, What have you got to lose. It can’t hurt you and it may help.” That was Melanie’s basis for requesting Hypnotherapy when she checked into the hospital, where can i buy Fluoxetine online. Mincing no words, she told me he didn’t believe for a minute that Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing would make any difference, Buy Fluoxetine Without Prescription. Fluoxetine long term, But I could see he was frightened—who wouldn’t be, faced with four bypasses, Fluoxetine photos. Where can i order Fluoxetine without prescription, Melanie was obviously willing to try anything that might help. The first step, after Fluoxetine. Purchase Fluoxetine online, In the Hypnotherapy Study Habits Hypnosis process was to evaluate Melanie’s capacity for trance, buy Fluoxetine without prescription. I did this by using Spiegel’s Hypnotic Induction Profile Quit Smoking Hypnosis Buy Fluoxetine Without Prescription, , commonly called the HIP Weight Loss Hypnosis, which is a 5- to 10-minute formal clinical evaluation of hypnotic capacity. Get Fluoxetine, Melanie was extremely low, hovering somewhere between a grade Zero and a grade One, Fluoxetine trusted pharmacy reviews, Fluoxetine from canadian pharmacy, and it certainly didn’t help that she was also flat-out skeptical. In fact when we finished the evaluation, Fluoxetine maximum dosage, Fluoxetine reviews, his first question to me was, “I didn’t really go under, Fluoxetine over the counter, Fluoxetine natural, did I?” I explained to her that different people respond to Hypnotherapy in different ways, that it’s not like the movies; you don’t have to be “out” for Hypnotherapy to be effective, rx free Fluoxetine. Purchase Fluoxetine online no prescription, I told him I observed a certain “letting go”—relaxed facial muscles, shoulder relaxation, herbal Fluoxetine, Effects of Fluoxetine, head droop—adding up to the condition we call Stop Smoking Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Fluoxetine alternatives. Buy Fluoxetine online cod, I also told her that only about 5 to 15 percent of the population are capable of entering the state of trance people think of as “going under,” and that this state was not necessary for the therapy to work, is Fluoxetine safe. When I left Melanie on Monday afternoon (24hours before his scheduled operation), she was still anxious but said he would do the 90-second exercise I had prescribed for him, Buy Fluoxetine Without Prescription. Fluoxetine blogs, she was to do it about once an hour until bedtime, then again hourly after awakening and until they wheeled her into the surgical chamber, buy no prescription Fluoxetine online. About Fluoxetine, Hews to continue doing the exercise when he awoke from the anesthetic. The operation took place on Tuesday afternoon, Fluoxetine without a prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, and it was a 6-hour surgery. Earlier, buy cheap Fluoxetine, Buy Fluoxetine online no prescription, the surgeon had said I could go up to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), so at 7:30 Wednesday morning, no prescription Fluoxetine online, Fluoxetine recreational, I arrived at NYC ICU—a place I had never visited before. Having been trained as a research psychologist without hay background at a medical school, Fluoxetine description, Where can i order Fluoxetine without prescription, I was surprised at the size of the room .... Buy Fluoxetine without a prescription. Fluoxetine dangers. Generic Fluoxetine.

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Buy Astelin Without Prescription

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Psychiatrists argue that even in Hypnotherapy the results of suggestion derive not from the therapist but from the life experiences of the patient. “Hypnotherapy, Astelin results, Astelin no rx, ” he explains, “does not change people nor does it alter their past experiential life, Astelin images. Is Astelin addictive, It serves to permit them to learn about themselves and to express themselves more adequately.

”Through self-Hypnotherapy, Astelin pharmacy, Order Astelin online overnight delivery no prescription, we have a means of stepping forward in our lives—for reaching our optimum potential. For example, purchase Astelin for sale, Buy Astelin from mexico, a friend of my wife’s and mine learned self-Hypnotherapy to help her through an emergency hysterectomy. She had been bleeding for a number of days and was in poor shape, Buy Astelin Without Prescription. I arranged to see her at the hospital and taught her a self-Hypnotherapy technique - A common procedure, after Astelin, Order Astelin no prescription, but one that was causing her a great deal of trouble.

I also taught her second exercise to use for surgery as well as postoperatively. She was operated on the next day and made an excellent recovery, Astelin duration. Astelin mg, At a dinner some months later, our friend asked me if she could adapt the technique to control her weight, low dose Astelin.

Buy Astelin Without Prescription, I applauded and encouraged her instinct to transfer her learning, and she has now applied variations of the exercise not only to lose weight but also for bouts of insomnia and anxiety. Astelin coupon, With self Hyonosis / Hypnotherapy, she has chosen a way to add to her own sense of self, Astelin online cod. Astelin steet value, Choice is empowerment and the sense of control that grows from making realistic choices that are supportive of ourselves can lead us to a place where it is possible to function more fully and with a great gaining pleasure, freedom, what is Astelin, Astelin brand name, and a sense of personal optimism.

For example, I tell my patients they cannot directly control the urge to smoke; one cannot choose whether or not to experience the urge, Astelin price, coupon. Online buying Astelin hcl, However, the act of placing a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it’s a choice, canada, mexico, india. Taking Astelin, An urge is a response that automatically floods the body with feelings; an act is something you choose to do.

You can choose to smoke or choose not to smoke. The more you acknowledge your urge to smoke, online buying Astelin, Astelin photos, but choose not to comply with it, the better chance you have of changing your habit, where to buy Astelin. Astelin australia, uk, us, usa, When we are motivated, self-Hypnotherapy supports our ability to choose and to change, doses Astelin work, Astelin used for, and through self Hypnotherapy we can come to understand how we can be our own best physician.. Astelin natural. Astelin canada, mexico, india.

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Buy Requip Without Prescription

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Myth #4: Female subjects and people with low IQ’s are the most hypnotizable. This commonly-held belief, Requip without a prescription, Herbal Requip, popularized by movies and fiction, is pure make-believe, Requip dose. Requip results, Research shows that hypnotizability is not gender-specific, and that, Requip over the counter, Buy cheap Requip, even though some intelligent people apparently have relatively little hypnotic capacity, keen concentration and focus are required to sustain an effective state of trance, taking Requip. Requip duration, (Writers of fiction and musicians, who are both creative and have vivid imaginations, purchase Requip for sale, Requip interactions, are often the best hypnotic subjects.) Hypnobirthing Furthermore, research suggests that there is a reduced capacity for trance in patients with thought and affective disorders, as these patients usually find it difficult to maintain the required concentration, Buy Requip Without Prescription. The ability to be hypnotized is actually a capacity that can be measured through one of several evaluation procedures, where to buy Requip. Requip alternatives, (The procedure I use, the Stop Smoking Hypnosis Hypnotic Induction profile—the HIP—which is described in detail in Chapter 3, measures capacity on a scale of zero to four.) Studies indicate that most of the adult population is somewhat hypnotizable and about 5—15 percent have a very high capacity, Requip maximum dosage. Requip schedule, With the exception of those few people (about 5 percent) who are unable to respond, everyone, what is Requip, Ordering Requip online, no matter what their range, can induce trance for constructive purposes, Requip blogs. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

Myth #5: Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Hypnosis has only recently begun to gain respectability in the scientific community. Buy Requip Without Prescription, In the early 1800s, Hypnotherapy, although the subject of much dispute, was recognized as a powerful tool inhaling, anesthesia, and self-improvement, and was slowly gaining acceptance by some factions of organized medicine. Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Hypnosis then faded out for more than 50 years, resurfacing briefly in the late nineteenth century with the work of Roger, Requip coupon, No prescription Requip online, Clarkeand Jameson and then again in the 1930s and 1940s, with the influential work of psychiatrist Milton H, Requip forum. Requip wiki, Erickson. By the late 1950s, low dose Requip, Requip cost, both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Society had approved the use of Hypnotherapy as a valid therapeutic technique. Today, comprar en línea Requip, comprar Requip baratos, Requip dangers, several national, professional societies of Hypnotherapy are flourishing and more than 25, order Requip from mexican pharmacy, Requip long term, 000 doctors, nurses, buy Requip online no prescription, Buy cheap Requip no rx, dentists, psychiatrists, Requip pictures, social workers, and psychologists use Hypnotherapy as a clinical technique, and that numbers growing.

Myth #6: Hypnotherapy Study Habits Hypnosis is therapeutic, Buy Requip Without Prescription. The hypnotic state is neither therapeutic nor no therapeutic; it is a receptive environment or mental setting that can be used to explore the mind and to foster change. As Louis Alexander defined it in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy is “a state manifested by an inward turning of mind, facilitating an enhancement of the creative imagination, . . . and reducing the need for reality testing, thus providing mental setting in which, with appropriate suggestions, ideas can be perceived and experienced in . . . a vivid manner..

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Buy Trazodone Without Prescription

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Myth #2: There is no Hypnotherapy without the Hypnotherapist, Trazodone online cod. Buy Trazodone no prescription, On the contrary, we often enter as well as leave trance states without being aware of it, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Trazodone from mexico, Have you ever wondered what happened to those four hours while you were writing an important paper. Or where that two hour stretch of time went while you were driving on the freeway, where can i find Trazodone online. Have you ever sat at your desk so engrossed that you lost the awareness of things going on around you, Buy Trazodone Without Prescription. Canada, mexico, india, Have you ever watched lovers walking down the street; arm in arm, so involved in each other the rest ‘of the world does not exist for them, buy Trazodone online cod. About Trazodone, These are only a few examples among many of spontaneous  Hypnobirthing trance experiences. Our lives are full of such examples of this normal, Trazodone no rx, Where can i order Trazodone without prescription, unbidden trance state.

Myth #3: Hypnotherapy (Stop Smoking Hypnosis) (Quit Smoking Hypnosis)is a form of sleep In the movies, Trazodone used for, Trazodone recreational, one of the Hypnotherapist’s opening lines are “Your eyes are heavy and you’re getting sleepy.” Although the word Hypnotherapy is derived from the Greek word for sleep, Hypnos, fast shipping Trazodone, Trazodone from mexico, Hypnotherapy is, on the contrary, Trazodone description, Trazodone australia, uk, us, usa, relaxed state of focused concentration. In a study of the self-regulation of physiological processes, where can i buy cheapest Trazodone online, Is Trazodone safe, Max Brenner, a psychologist, Trazodone pics, Buy Trazodone from canada, and Geoff Dunn, a physician, order Trazodone online c.o.d, Trazodone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, reported that attention obviously the opposite of sleep—is the underlying cognitive process common to most relaxation/self-regulation procedures. In trance, Trazodone alternatives, Trazodone class, the patient is unusually aware and responsive and, unless told otherwise, fast shipping Trazodone, Trazodone blogs, tends to remember what went on during and after the experience. People under Hypnotherapy whose eyes are closed may lookalike they’re asleep, herbal Trazodone, Discount Trazodone, but their electroencephalogram (EEG) readings tell the true story: During Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Hypnosis or Study Habits Hypnosis, there is a high incidence of alpha wave activity that indicates a relaxed yet attentive brain.

, after Trazodone. Cheap Trazodone no rx. Trazodone cost. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buying Trazodone online over the counter. Trazodone online cod. Trazodone pharmacy. Trazodone duration. Trazodone for sale.

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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Monday, March 30th, 2009
When an individual tries to quit smoking, it can be a very difficult task. The reason it is so hard to quit smoking is because the subconscious and conscious are in a battle against one another. When an individual decides to stop, he or she decides in his or her conscious that he or she is going to quit smoking. However, the subconscious, which associates smoking with pleasure, fights the conscious decision.. We want to stop because we know it's bad for us, however we can't. The trick is leaning how to talk to the subconscious. How to reach the subconscious While an individual is trying to quit smoking by him or herself with the conscious only, hypnotherapy reaches the subconscious. By reaching the subconscious, hypnotherapy eliminates the battle between the conscious and subconscious to quit smoking. Therefore, an individual's will or strength to abstain from smoking when daily stresses come his or her way is no longer the issue. Can Hypnosis work? Hypnotherapy is a proven method. It will enable you to quit with fewer withdrawal symptoms and without the cravings. In addition, you will permanently quit smoking without the weight gain when using hypnotherapy as your method of stopping smoking. Finally, hypnosis will allow you to detoxify your body from the harmful chemicals and nicotine found in the tobacco cigarettes and to feel healthier quicker. Different methods of hypnotherapy There are two types of hypnotherapy you can choose from: self-hypnosis and Hypnotherapy by a certified hypnotherapist. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages.
To learn more about the specific advantages of each type please read: How to Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy today. This is an excellent article that will show you exactly how Hypnosis can help anyone stop smoking with zero side effects. Quit Smoking Hypnosis Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Thirdhand smoke

Monday, March 30th, 2009
Most people realize that secondhand smoke is harmful, especially to children and those with chronic health problems such as heart disease and lung disease. This has led to smoking bans and clean indoor air policies. Research is now beginning to show another concern. "Thirdhand smoke" is the term given to the residual of tobacco smoke contamination that settles into the environment and stays there even after a cigarette has been extinguished. The chemical particles resulting from the burning of tobacco, including tar and nicotine, linger on clothes, hair, upholstery, drapes etc., long after the smoke has cleared from the air. These particles are formed from more than 200 poisonous gases, many of which are cancer causing, such as cyanide, ammonia, arsenic, and polonium-210 (which is radioactive.) These chemicals are deposited on surface areas and over time can be released back into the air. New research has found that the residuals of tobacco smoke stay in the lungs after a smoker takes the last puff of a cigarette. It can take up to 2-3 minutes before they stop exhaling the toxic products of combustion. This expelled air may also contribute to secondhand tobacco smoke and to the residual of tobacco particles that can settle in places considered smoke-free. Most people are aware of the negative effects of visible smoke and make efforts to control the amount that non-smokers are exposed to. We are now learning that tobacco toxins can remain in the environment as thirdhand smoke long after the smoking period is over. Children seem to be at greatest risk of being affected as they inhale these particles from clothes, rugs, draperies etc. Making the home and car totally smoke-free is the best way to protect those you love. Also, waiting 2-3 minutes after finishing a cigarette to have contact with children or return to smoke-free areas is likely to be beneficial. In my counseling experience, I've had people ask me whether they need to clean their house or car after quitting smoking. The answer is a very strong "Yes!" Once you make the commitment to becoming smoke-free, have your car detailed and give your house a good, thorough cleaning to get rid of thirdhand smoke. By doing so, you not only protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful remnants of your former tobacco-controlled life, but you also deepen your resolve to remain a non-smoker for good. Stop Smoking Hypnosis Quit Smoking Hypnosis

quit smoking today

Sunday, March 29th, 2009
This is why you would want to quit smoking! Every 8 seconds there is a smoking related deaths somewhere in the world. Consequences of smoking include a greater chance of having a heart attack,a 10 times greater chance of getting lung cancer in someone who does not smoke. Now these statistics alone I think would be a good enough reason to quit smoking now! New studies show that harmful effects of smoking do not only affects the smoker but also the general public exposed to the secondhand smoke. Every 8 seconds there is a smoking related death somewhere in the world. Consequences of smoking include a greater chance of having a heart attack,a 10 times greater chance of getting lung cancer in someone who does not smoke. The long-term results of quitting? A longer healthier, happier life ahead. The risks of having heart disease, bronchitis, stroke, emphysema, are all reduced. So just eight hours after quitting your oxygen level increases, after 10 years your chances of dying from lung cancer is decreased to half. Even if you don\’t smoke cigarettes are harmful to people who inhale secondhand smoke. Children who grow up in a house with smokers statistically are twice as likely to pick up the habit when they grow up. Three leading causes of smoking attributable deaths were from: #1 lung cancer #2 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease #3 heart disease smoking causes emphysema and chronic bronchitis The long-term results of quitting? A longer healthier, happier life ahead. The risks of having heart disease, bronchitis, stroke, emphysema, are all reduced. So just eight hours after quitting your oxygen level increases, after 10 years your chances of dying from lung cancer is decreased to have. #2 Nicotine free cigarettes- they look and sometimes even smell like real cigarettes. As your body starts to rebuild itself you have more energy left for breathe a lot easier and you\’re coughing will eventually stop, not to mention the money you\’ll save. Now imagine what happens after a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even years. You will feel symptoms from withdrawls just like every addiction. You will be moody stressed and tired, you may have trouble sleeping, or may have temporary weight gain. Breaking the smoking habit is very challenging. But once you have quit, you\’ll know that you have succeeded in one of life\’s most difficult tasks, and be able to take control of your life. #1 Nicotine gum- the same ingredients are used as the nicotine patch and that it is used differently. The gum used whenever you have a craving for cigarettes. It reduces your dependency on nicotine and will replace the cigarette smoking habits with the chewing of the gum. #1 Nicotine patch- While the most popular aids because of its ease of use and effectiveness in fighting off cravings. This method is more popular because it means they do not have to worry about any medications or withdrawal system but how long do you use the patch? #2 Nicotine free cigarettes- they look and sometimes even smell like real cigarettes. The long-term results of quitting? A longer healthier, happier life ahead. The risks of having heart disease, bronchitis, stroke, emphysema, are all reduced. So just eight hours after quitting your oxygen level increases, after 10 years your chances of dying from lung cancer is decreased to half. Breaking the smoking habit is very challenging. But once you have quit, you\’ll know that you have succeeded in one of life\’s most difficult tasks, and be able to take control of your life. Stop Smoking Hypnosis Quit Smoking Hyponsis

Teens protest smoking in youth movies

Sunday, March 29th, 2009
Teenagers from seven counties met in Public Square in Watertown to protest smoking in youth movies.
Dozens of teens wore hazardous material suits and held signs to get out their message that smoking in movies is responsible for 52-percent of new teen smokers.

Counties represented are Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, Madison, Oswego, Onondaga, and Cayuga.

Reality Check members want movies that show or imply tobacco use to be rated "R” and teen leaders say changing movie ratings will save lives.

Teens protest smoking in youth movies
Teenagers from seven counties met in Public Square in Watertown to protest smoking in youth movies.
"How many teenagers start smoking because of movies because they think it's cool because they see their favorite actors smoking, and it really is a big deal," said Jimmy Johnston, Madison Co. Reality Check Leader}

"There's Disney movies and 60% of them, because Disney also owns Touchstone and Miramax, 60% of these movies contain smoking, and you think of Disney as a kids thing. And there's little kids out there that see smoking in movies, and they think it's okay," said Lauren Chapman, Cayuga Co. Reality Check Leader.

Reality Check Members from around the state will meet in New York City on June first to protest smoking in movies.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Smoking and personal freedom

Sunday, March 29th, 2009
The debate's not over Thirty years later, the clear-cut, credible medical evidence is that secondhand smoke is deadly. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, secondhand smoke kills more Americans than traffic crashes. "Each year, primarily because of exposure to secondhand smoke, an estimated 3,000 non-smoking Americans die of lung cancer, (and) more than 46,000 die of heart disease," the CDC says on a Web page titled, "Tobacco Use: Targeting the Nation's Leading Killer." Traffic crashes, on the other hand, killed 40,059 people in 2007. The most deaths in a single year since 1994 was 2005, when 43,510 people died. But the debate over rights continues. The Salina City Commission recently adopted an ordinance, set to go into effect in June, banning smoking in most public places, including all bars and restaurants. The decision spurred a backlash -- and several city commission candidates -- that threatens to overturn it. And, just as the 1978 study predicted, when there is a "sharp rise in the number of people who believe that your smoking harms my health (it makes) a whole new ball game out of the anti-smoking campaign." Is smoking really harmful? "Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability and death in the United States," the CDC says. "Each year, an estimated 443,000 die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, and another 8.6 million have a serious illness caused by smoking." That's more deaths, every year, than were caused by motor vehicles in the past decade (423,361 from 1998 through 2007). A study published in the peer-reviewed journal "Circulation," a publication of the American Heart Association, concluded that a citywide smoking ban in Pueblo, Colo., resulted in a 41 percent drop in heart attacks within three years. It's one of several studies in the past four years that show significant declines in heart attacks following smoking bans. He's not impressed Mark Labes, 1017 E. Iron, isn't impressed. "They would have to show more concrete statistics and reasons beyond estimated deaths and estimated costs," said Labes, who is running for the city commission. If secondhand smoke really did pose a significant danger, he said, the federal government would have intervened. City commission candidate Leonard Dahl echoes a similar view. "Until my federal government proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that secondhand smoke is injurious, I stand on my right to do a legal act," said Dahl, who owns The Hide-A-Way, a tavern at 540 Willis. He says the Pueblo study was fundamentally flawed. Not much risk there How much risk does he believe secondhand smoke presents? "Very little," Dahl said. "And I do have some data to back it up." What Dahl has is a blog by Dr. Michael Siegel, associate chairman of the Social and Behavioral Sciences at Boston University. Siegel, who is trained in epidemiology, formerly worked for CDC. His primary research interest is in the area of tobacco control. In a post Jan. 5 to his blog (, he said the Pueblo study's conclusions were merely conjecture or "a deeply felt desire to see the success" of anti-smoking policies. "The study goes overboard not only in its overall conclusion, but in its attempt to paint these data as somehow proving bans are resulting in immediate and dramatic reductions in heart attacks," he wrote. "As I have devoted much of my life's work to promoting smoking bans, especially in bars and restaurants, it would bring a great sense of fulfillment to know that these policies are immediately saving lives and that we can document these acute effects." Dr. Carl Bertecchi, an internist in Pueblo and one of the study's authors, is well aware of Siegel's criticism. "It's easy to write a blog," he said. "It's another matter to get printed in the number one cardiac journal. If he really wants to say something, he should respond in a letter to the editor of the journal." Bertecchi said the Pueblo study was declared solid science by experts. "When you have a journal like Circulation, which had inside and outside statisticians looking at every bit of this work to make sure it was good ... you can't get much better information than that," he said. Smoking, heart attacks The Pueblo study is just the latest in a string of studies that concluded smoking bans almost immediately reduced the frequency of heart attacks. In a letter last year to the journal Preventive Medicine, Dr. Stanton Glantz outlined his analysis of eight published studies that looked at the immediate effect smoke-free policies had on heart attacks. Pooling the findings, Glantz concluded that on average, the smoking bans reduced heart attacks by 19 percent almost immediately. The studies he analyzed were from Helena, Mont; Pueblo, Colo; Bowling Green, Ohio; New York state; Saskatoon, Canada; Piedmont, Italy; Rome and Ireland. "The fact that many studies from so many locations around the world provide the consistent findings of a substantial drop in (heart attacks) associated with the implementation of smoke-free laws increases the confidence we have that smoke-free policies have immediate and substantial benefits in terms of reducing (heart attacks)," Glantz wrote. Only one city commission candidate, Jennifer Bonilla-Baker, 1601 Gypsum, has expressed unequivocal support for the ban. "I am not in favor of repealing the ban on smoking in public places," she wrote in response to the questionnaire the Journal sent to all the candidates. City commission candidates who oppose the ban were asked if they'd support a change in the law that allowed restaurant owners to exempt themselves from inspections by posting a warning to customers. None did. Bars and restaurants But they said that bars should be allowed to notify customers if they were entering a business where smoking was permitted. "When you're walking into a restaurant to eat food, you definitely want to know that the food has been prepared properly," said John Owen, 621 S. Santa Fe. "That's different from walking into a bar with secondhand smoke ... We can choose to put ourselves into an environment where we know there is a health risk." Owen, who is an insurance claims adjuster, said he supports mandatory seat belt laws. "I will go one step further," he said. "I am also in favor of something to the effect that people should not operate cellular devices while driving." Stop Smoking Hypnosis Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Bill Hicks Smoking

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Stop Smoking Hypnosis Quit SMoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Pregnancy

Friday, March 27th, 2009
Women who stop smoking by week 15 of pregnancy are no more likely than nonsmokers to give birth to premature or low-weight babies, according to a study published online by the British Medical Journal. Women who kept smoking after the 15-week deadline tripled their risk of delivering prematurely and were twice as likely to have small babies compared to nonsmokers and women who stopped smoking early in their pregnancy, the study found. birth hypnosis hypnobirth stop smoking hypnosis quit smoking hypnosis

Senator seeks to halt sales of ‘e-cigarettes’

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
WASHINGTON (AP) — A senator is asking the government to prevent the sale of so-called "electronic cigarettes" until more is known about them. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis E-cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and as a way to kick the habit. They are smokeless and battery-powered, releasing a nicotine vapor into the lungs. New Jersey Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg sent the Food and Drug Administration a letter Monday saying that the agency should ensure e-cigarettes are not sold until they've been studied more. An FDA spokeswoman says the agency will respond directly to the senator regarding his concerns.

Lung Cancer

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
Cancer is a disease in which certain body cells don’t function right, divide very fast, and produce too much tissue that forms a tumor. The lungs, a pair of sponge-like, cone-shaped organs, are part of the body’s respiratory system. When we breathe in, the lungs take in oxygen, which our cells need to live and carry out their normal functions. When we breathe out, the lungs get rid of carbon dioxide, which is a waste product of the body’s cells. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis Lung cancers manifest with symptoms produced by the primary tumor, locoregional spread, metastatic disease, or ectopic hormone production. See Image 1 for a summary of all signs and symptoms. Approximately 7-10% of patients with lung cancer are asymptomatic and their cancers are diagnosed incidentally after a chest radiograph (CXR) performed for other reasons. The symptoms produced by the primary tumor depend on its location (ie, central, peripheral). There are two main types of lung cancer, small cell and non small cell. Small cell is faster growing but chemo is quite successful with it… I know several people that are presently N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) that have small cell lung cancer. Its very rare to have surgery with small cell as its usually metastized by the time of diagnosis. Every smoker is at risk for lung cancer. It is estimated that 87% of all cases of lung cancer are caused by cigarette smoking. The major risk factor for lung cancer is cigarette smoking. Your risk of getting lung cancer from cigarette smoking increases the longer you smoke, the more you smoke, and the deeper you inhale. Smoking low tar cigarettes does not prevent you from getting lung cancer. Importantly, if you quit smoking, your risk of getting lung cancer declines. Tobacco use, particularly cigarette smoking, is the single most preventable cause of death in the United States. The number of deaths per year from smoking exceeds the number of deaths per year from all accidents, suicides, drug use, homicides and AIDS combined. An estimated 45 million U.S. adults are smokers, and more than a third of all U.S. high school students smoke cigarettes. Normal cells become cancer cells because the genes inside them are damaged. In most cases of lung cancer, smoking causes this gene damage. Cancer Research UK is investigating this gene damage. We are researching why some smokers get cancer and some don’t. If we know more about the genes that are damaged, it may help prevent the disease in the future. Women with lung cancer now have more treatment choices and hope than ever before. Doctors keep finding ways to improve treatments for lung cancer and ways to help women with lung cancer have better lives. We are continually learning more about lung cancer, its prevention, detection, and treatment. This section of CancerSource will discuss all of these areas. The Lung Cancer section below discusses what we know about lung cancer in general, as well as its prevention and detection. As is true of many cancers, the treatment of lung cancer depends upon a variety of factors. The most important factors are the histopathologic (diseased tissue) type of tumor that is present and its stage.

Saving Money on Cigarettes

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
The simple answer is “don’t smoke”. Yeah right!! Anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking knows that it can be much easier said that done. Here’s the way I finally kicked the habit after 20-something years. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis These days it’s only the well-off who can really afford to smoke – but perhaps one of the reasons they ARE well off is because they don’t. My partner goes through a carton (8 packs) of cigarettes in a week – that’s nearly $100 a week going out of our bank account and into his lungs. The day he finally decides to stop we will be instantly and greatly better off financially and health-wise. The issue is – it’s up to him. As an ex-smoker I know there is nothing that anyone could have said to me that would make me stop. I had to do it myself. I tried hypnosis, patches, acupressure, acupuncture and cold turkey. I was devastated when I look backed and thought “Oh no! I’m one of those people who’ve tried everything.” I had all but given up giving up, until a book was recommended to me – not by just one person, but two completely random people in the same week recommended the same book (I don’t believe in coincidence). I read the book (I think you’ll find it in most bookstores), but I believe it’s available on CD’s also. I would give you the link to his site, but I don’t want to push it down your throat. Like I said, you’ve got to want to do it yourself and your search engine will get your where you want to go, if you want to go there. Hope this helps. Believe me, there is life after cigarettes.

Should cigarette taxes pay for kids’ health care? How about an internet tax?

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
The Seattle Times reports that state revenue forecasts are continuing to go down, this time by another $522 million, meaning the state of Washington now faces a budget hole of around $9 billion over the next 2 years. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis The question of how to fill that budget hole was the topic of "The Conversation" today on KUOW, our local NPR radio station.  Based on recent polling, voters are apparently relatively supportive of increasing taxes on 'sins' like cigarettes and alcohol, and callers to the show were also generally in favor of that type of taxes.  People also seemed to be more supportive of these taxes for use covering children's health care, which is on the chopping block as the Governor and the legislature consider cuts to Medicaid.  However, when host Ross Reynolds suggested a tax on internet downloads, that was decidely less popular. According to an AP report, voters in Washington prefer temporary tax increases, ones that include a "sunset" clause that would automatically end them after a few years. Taxes on things considered vices, such as pop, cigarettes, candy, gum, and alcohol, were very popular in the poll.  An untargeted 1% increase on the entire sales tax was far less popular, although voters were more inclined to be supportive if they thought substantial cuts in the budget were also being made. The least popular tax alternatives were increasing certain business taxes, gas taxes, and a tax on bottle water. Although some groups are pushing for a tax increase put before the voters to cover the budget deficit, Senator Rodney Tom from the Bellevue area said that it was unlikely voters would approve it.  "I wouldn't bet on it," he told the Seattle Times. What do you think?  Are there any tax increases you would support to fill the holes?  Are children's health care and education important enough to raise taxes?

Massachusetts Okays Cigarette Class Action Against Philip Morris

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court unanimously ruled that smokers can pursue misleading advertising

by cigarette manufacturers under the state's deceptive marketing laws. The decision clears the way for a 10-year-old lawsuit against Philip Morris, claiming that Marlboro's use of "light" and "low tar" branding for certain cigarettes

was deceptive.

The plaintiffs argue that so-called "light" cigarettes ultimately provide consumers with the same amount of tar and nicotine as regular cigarettes, since smokers compensate for the lower levels by taking longer, deeper puffs.

Philip Morris argued that the Massachusetts laws were preempted by federal legislation (when federal and state laws clash, federal law always takes precedence). Specifically, the defendants said that the consumer protection laws were preempted by the 1965 Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, which forbids states from regulating health-related cigarette advertising. They also argued that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allows the use of terms like "light" and "low tar" on cigarette packaging. The court rejected both arguments.

The decision comes on the heels of a similar opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court in December. In Altria v. Good, the high court held that the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act did not preempt a Maine unfair business practice law. In that suit, too, the plaintiffs claimed that they compensated for lower levels of tar and nicotine by inhaling more deeply, and for longer periods of time.

That decision gave the go-ahead to more than a half-dozen cigarette class actions. However, these suits can still face legal hurdles. In April 2008, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a similar suit, claiming that it was impossible to generalize about why smokers chose light cigarettes. The court surmised that consumers might be "unaware of that representation, preferred the taste of lights, or chose lights as an expression of personal style." There, the court ruled that any suits would have to proceed individually, not as a class.

The Second Circuit decision also cited a study finding that smokers continued to buy light cigarettes, even after a 2001 National Cancer Institute study found that they were no safer than standard cigarettes.

Philip Morris insists in a statement that the plaintiffs' claims are still weak. The company argues that consumers paid the same price for Marlboro Lights as they would have for "full-flavored" Marlboros. Additionally, the company says that many class members are still smoking Marlboro Lights, undermining their claim that they were damaged by the advertising.

In 1998, Philip Morris signed a settlement agreement with 46 states, in which they agreed to pay roughly $200 billion over 25 years to address health-care reimbursements and other expenses. The settlement also contained restrictions on cigarette advertising, including a ban on logo-branded clothing and cartoon characters like the late Joe Camel.

Federal tax raises cigarette prices

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
A bill President Barack Obama signed in February goes into effect March 31, more than doubling the federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes. It will boost the tax on a pack by 62 cents, to $1.01 a pack. “California has had its share of taxes. We're kind of numb to it,” said Bert Bruning, co-owner of Palm Desert Tobacco on El Paseo since 1983. But “there's never been anything this Draconian, ever,” he said. Money from the tax — $32.8 billion — will go to the State Children's Health Insurance Program, known as SCHIP, to extend health care coverage to 4 million uninsured children. Bob Alsup clutched two packs of Seneca Ultra Light 100s as he walked out of the Black Hawk Cigarettes shop on Crossley Road on Thursday in Palm Springs. “If they use the tax the way they say they're going to use it, so be it,” he said. “If it goes in the general fund, and they use it for some pork barrel spending, I'm going to be ticked,” the Sky Valley resident said. The store has a sign posted in the window to give customers a heads up about the impending tax increase. “You don't want to upset customers,” especially in this economy, manager Mary Gold said. On the wall, the store also has a picture of President Obama smoking. Gold's parents own the store and two others in Palm Springs, and are planning to open a fourth in Cathedral City. “We just don't really know how this is going to impact our business,” Gold said. “We'll have to wait to see what happens.” Bruning specializes in premium cigars, which make up the bulk of his business. The tax increase, which caps out at 42 cents a cigar, he said, probably won't deter his regular customers. Cigarettes account for about 2 percent of sales, he said. “We're probably going to lose some business out of it, but to what extent, we don't know.” He said cigarette manufacturers have already raised their prices in anticipation.
(2 of 2) “They've got to get their margin in before the tax comes in to play,” he said.
Opponents of the bill complained that the tobacco tax increase hits the poor the hardest, because they are more likely to smoke than wealthier people. Many also took exception to expanding the program and Medicaid to children of newly arrived legal immigrants. But supporters said that ensuring children had access to adequate health care was a matter of priorities. Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., said an estimated 4 million people have lost employer-sponsored insurance in the past year. President Obama, during a town hall address in Los Angeles on Thursday, said funding health care for additional millions of uninsured children will benefit the country in the long run. It will “prevent long-term disease that can cost us a lot of money,” he said. Smoking costs the U.S. approximately $97.2 billion each year in health care costs and lost productivity and is directly responsible for 87 percent of lung cancer cases and causes most cases of emphysema and chronic bronchitis, according to the American Lung Association. Smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 430,700 American lives each year. The American Cancer Society predicts that the tax increase will reduce youth smoking by about 7 percent and overall cigarette consumption by 4 percent. “The expansion of the SCHIP program will provide millions of uninsured children with critical health care coverage and carry the added health benefit of encouraging millions of people to give up their deadly smoking habit,” said John R. Seffrin, national chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis

Addiction goes up in smoke

Saturday, March 21st, 2009
Addiction goes up in smoke
Published:Mar 02, 2009

A clinic successfully helps people to quit by focusing on the psychological aspects of the habit, DANIELLA Nichols*, a mother of two, a professional, and a smoker, had what she considered a moderate habit, anything between five and 15 cigarettes a day. Stop Smoking hypnosis Like most smokers, she had a smoking pattern: no smoking at work, but definitely at the kitchen table, and she would get to her kid’s hockey practice half an hour early to have a fag and a gab with her friends. This year’s New Year’s resolution was to quit, so she enlisted a buddy and together, they took the leap of faith that is attendant on Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Clinic. She now claims to have something of the religious convert about her. Ever since they attended the five-and-a-half-hour workshop, she says: “We joke about how they messed with our heads.” Admittedly, the idea that people with a lifetime of cadging a drag behind their name can give it up after just a brief debriefing seems a little far fetched, more in the realm of the fantastic mind-altering experiments in sci-fi movies. Charles Nell, the chief executive of the Allen Carr clinic, says there is no mystery about it. Carr was an accountant who had spent 30 years trying to quit before he finally understood the root of the problem. Sadly, he died of lung cancer in 2006, but not before he established his clinics in 38 countries and wrote a book that sold 10 million copies. What the one-day programme does, says Nell, is remove the fear of stopping. “Most people want to stop, but are scared of the withdrawal symptoms or of gaining weight.” The clinic’s statistics are impressive. Seventy percent of smokers stop after the first session, the remaining 30 percent come back for two back-up sessions. It has an overall 90 percent success rate, and if it cannot effect a cure after three sessions, you get a full refund. Nell says it is the only programme that effectively deals with the fact that quitting smoking is a psychological problem. The programme removes the desire to smoke by touching on three issues: smokers believe it is enjoyable, relieves stress and relaxes you. It proves none of it is true. Nichols elaborates: “The way they sell the whole thing is that they are not getting people to stop, rather making sure they never start again. I feel a little indoctrinated, but what they are saying is that while other programmes talk about using your willpower to stop, creating a sense of deprivation, this one makes you realise that you actually aren’t missing anything. “You think smoking relieves stress but it doesn’t — they repeat the same thing over and over. It is a physical addiction — as addictive as tik — but that is only 5percent of the problem, 95 percent is the nicotine monster in your head.” I ask her about her moment of epiphany: “I suppose, realisation came during the smoke break on the course at the Bryanston Country Club. They purposefully leave an overflowing ashtray with the detritus of 18 smokers lying around — you can imagine what it looks like — and they make you think about each drag you take. Think of it as you draw it into your lungs and blow it out. The realisation is that, physically, there is nothing nice about it.” How is she doing a week later? “It’s pathetic that I needed that crutch. After a week, the addiction is starting to wane. In the beginning, it felt as if there was something missing, like a friend at the kitchen table, but there is no physical need whatsoever. It’s not a habit, it’s a mental thing — that’s the problem with patches . I feel a bit like a reborn Christian — I want to go out and spread the good news.”
Top Tips
  • Make a list of reasons you want to quit. A strong commitment and desire to stop are vital for success.
  • Document which days (over a two-week period) you smoke, how many you smoke and what the circumstances are.
  • Schedule an absolute quit date two to four weeks in the future.
  • Enlist the support of family, friends and colleagues, especially those who are present when you smoke.
  • Seek information and support from quit lines, websites and cessation programmes.
  • Talk to your physician or pharmacist about using a medication to help you quit. Many people use nicotine gum to allay withdrawal symptoms when they most want a cigarette.
  • Avoid situations (for at least two months) where you are most likely to smoke to break the habits associated with your occasional smoking.
  • Stop on the day you planned to.
  • If you slip and have a cigarette — and most will — don’t consider it a failure. Analyse the circumstances and begin again to stop. — Tom Glynn, American Cancer Society
  • Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis
  • Tobacco smoke

    Saturday, March 21st, 2009
    In 1776, three things were considered "extremely proper subjects" for taxation: Rum, sugar and tobacco. They were taxed, not because they were evil, sinful products, but because they weren't considered "necessities of life." Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis Last Wednesday, a state legislative subcommittee listened to three hours of testimony concerning the timeless topic of tobacco taxation. House Bill 39 by State Rep. Ron Stephens, R-Savannah, increases Georgia's 37 cent cigarette tax by $1 per pack and raises the 10 percent tax on smokeless tobacco to 25 percent. In the recent Savannah Morning News column "Sin taxes: A big lie," former talk radio shock jock Ben Crystal called the tobacco tax increase "an easy way to shovel money into the state coffers in the guise of nanny-state style wrist slapping." What was he smokin'? Crystal's use of extremist rhetoric and his distortion of the facts obfuscated the truth about this important issue. Everybody knows the big sins: Don't lie, kill, steal or covet your neighbor's ass. HB 39 is not about sin. Nobody is trying to place a scarlet "S" for "Smoker" on anyone's chest. It's about common sense, personal responsibility, equity, economics, child protection and public health. Should the state subsidize health care for persons who choose to smoke or should smokers pay a portion of their two billion dollar cost to the state so that tax dollars can be used for other priorities? That is the policy question at hand. The facts are clear: For every 10 percent increase in the retail price of a pack of cigarettes, cigarette consumption drops three to five percent among adults and 11.9 percent among youth ages 12 to 17. Just as $4 gasoline convinced many people to park their gas-guzzling, suburban-assault vehicles, a significant price increase in cigarettes has proven across the nation to alter smoking-related behavior. Gradual increases or smaller increases do not have the same effect. It's like frog boiling. If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and inch up the temperature a few degrees at a time, he will sit docilely in the bottom of the pot until his goose is cooked. If you put a frog in boiling water, he will jump out of the stewpot. A one dollar increase in Georgia's tobacco tax will have the desired effect: 60,200 adults will quit smoking and over 51,300 lives will be saved from smoking-caused death. Most importantly, the price increase will deter 110,500 youth from smoking. Typically, adults don't start smoking. Most smokers began lighting up as teens. The tobacco tax is not a sin tax, it's a user fee. This is America. If you are over 17 and want to smoke in your home, car, bed or next to the gas pump, that's your right. If that is your version of "pursuit of happiness," then go right ahead. The only people who will pay are those who choose to smoke. If you don't smoke, this user fee increase won't cost you a dime. Nobody likes taxes, however as a society this is the way we fund our government and some taxes are considered more palatable than others. Polling shows that 75 percent of Georgia voters support increasing the cigarette tax by one dollar, and they strongly prefer raising cigarette taxes over other tax increases or cuts to vital state programs. Eliminating Meals on Wheels programs, closing Savannah's Matthew Reardon Center, shuttering mental health hospitals, getting rid of school nurses are all under consideration due to the state's $2.6 billion budget shortfall. Maybe it's not a sin to eliminate these programs, but it sure would be a shame, especially when increasing the tobacco tax by one dollar raises over $300 million in new revenue, and Georgia has the 44th lowest tobacco tax in the nation. One out of two lifetime smokers dies a smoking-related death. Some folks might say there's a Biblical explanation since the Bible clearly states "the wages of sin are death." After all, cigarettes are the only product that, when used as directed, will kill you.

    Employee’s job goes up in smoke

    Friday, March 20th, 2009
    These days, any little thing can get you fired. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis He was issued off the premises at Caterpillar Inc.'s Mossville plant for smoking a cigarette - outside - on Jan. 12. This was after 10 years as a good employee, just weeks before he was supposed to be laid off anyway. Now he lives without a paycheck in the Morton home where he cares for his terminally ill mother. "This is making me out like I'm a scumbag," says the soft-spoken former parts runner. "Firing me for smoking and denying my unemployment." At 18, according to newspaper files, he was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest when police were called after a fight. At 42, he may have saved a kid's life by calling police himself. A 3-year-old had been left crying in a parked car in the middle of the night when the temperature was 11 degrees. "I actually didn't expect this," he says. "I hadn't had any problems with them in 10 years. I was almost gone. I didn't expect something as dirty as that." does not claim he has lived a spotless life. He did some drinking. But he has been clean and sober for more than a decade, quitting a few months before he went to work at Gray Interplant Systems, which contracts workers in Caterpillar facilities. The job enabled him to rent a small home on a dead-end street in Morton where he can care for his mother, Barbara, who has emphysema. He says the rest of the family has died or moved away. "This is what I've been doing the last 11 years," he says. "I've been trying to make amends for my life." For the most part, despite health problems both mother and son have suffered, he says this set-up worked fine until last summer. Then Caterpillar went smoke-free. "When they first did it, you couldn't even smoke on their property," he said. "Even in your car, at lunch." Kelley said he got written up for smoking last July. He didn't take it too seriously. For one thing, there were supposed to be several steps to the process. For another, the process kept changing. It didn't seem like anybody else took it too seriously either. After the first push, smoking was allowed outside, on breaks and lunch and off-work hours. Then it was allowed before and after shifts and during lunch. Then it was just allowed at lunch. First the policy was three strikes and you're out. Then the policy was one strike and out. "The company also has changed its policies three or four times since last June," said United Auto Workers 974 President Rick Doty. Several UAW workers got suspended for smoking, but the union has contract language that allows it. Gray voted down unionization twice. Its contract workers are subject to anything Caterpillar wants, Doty said. And the ever-changing rules are not evenly enforced, particularly for supervisors, according to some of those who still work at Mossville. "They pretty much look the other way when they want to; lower the boom when they want to," says an employee who'd rather not be named. "I feel so bad for Curtis." On Jan. 12, the line shut down late in the evening. With no work to do and 45 minutes before the end of his shift, Kelley went outside for a smoke. He lit up, and a couple of people he didn't know caught him. "They gave me a 'perp walk,' " he says. "I had two supervisors walk me out." That's harsh. Todd Gray of Gray Interplant did not respond to repeated phone calls over the last couple of weeks. Caterpillar Inc. spokesman Jim Dugan said the company could not discuss actions related to a contract worker and re-released its no-smoking statement from last summer. "We remain dedicated to creating and maintaining the healthiest and safest work environment possible for our employees," it said. With so little explanation forthcoming, Kelley asked for his entire personnel file, as he is entitled to do by law. And the files back him up. Gray had two or three inches worth of paper documenting Curtis Kelley. That includes everything from doctor's notes to the results of mandatory drug tests to his vacation requests. It notes the times he had to take leave for surgeries for colon cancer and other problems, the time a Caterpillar worker ran into his forklift with a go-cart, and the many times he took unpaid leave to help his mother with her medical problems. (There was even a note to show he was an hour late when he took her to the doctor once.) The file included the congratulatory letter for a 1999 gift certificate at Alexander's Steakhouse after a supervisor said "the one person that helped us out the most in getting the job done was Curtis." And it held repeated performance evaluations where he was ranked as "very good" or "outstanding." "Curtis works very neat and accurate" said the most recent evaluation from last September. He "works at a good pace" and "has extensive knowledge" and is "very reliable." He "works with little supervision," "follows all procedures," "can work with anyone" and "shows good judgment and decision-making skills." Up until that last-minute, ill-advised smoke. "We have found it necessary to terminate your employment with Gray Interplant Systems, Inc. on 1/12/09 for deliberate acts of misconduct related to your work: Smoking on a non-designated break," said a letter from Gray Human Resource Manager Kevin Gann. "STATEMENT OF FACTS - On 1/12/09 you were found smoking during a non-designated break allowed for smoking. This goes against customer and company policy." On that basis, Curtis Kelley's unemployment was denied. He has appealed. Under the circumstances - particularly if firing him also means lower costs for his former employer - perhaps an administrative law judge will rebalance the scales of justice. This is not right. "It's unfortunate," Doty said repeatedly, agreeing that employers are pretty picky these days. "They're looking for anything." Whether or not he gets unemployment, Kelley says he's fine. He has saved some money. His mother is doing relatively well. He's still making amends. "This is just a bump in the road," he says. "I'm not real religious, but God's got me this far. . . . I'm worried about all these other people." So watch out for the little things. Get your file. It doesn't take much.

    Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    Second-hand cigarette smoke and cognitive impairment Dementia News (Alzheimer’s Australia): 21 February 2008 There has been Considerable coverage of recently published research into a link between exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke and cognitive impairment. Several media articles have claimed that the research shows that people who are exposed to second-hand smoke are at significantly greater risk of developing dementia than those who are not exposed. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis Is this what the published research says? Before discussing the research it is well to understand a little of the background. Smoking, either actively or passively, is known to increase people’s risk of contracting a number of serious conditions, including diabetes; cardiovascular disease; high blood pressure; and stroke — all of which are risk factors for cognitive impairment and dementia. So, is it possible that exposure to second-hand smoke could be a preventable risk factor for cognitive impairment? Dr David Llewellyn and colleagues from the University of Cambridge; the Institute of Public Health in Cambridge; Peninsula Medical School in Exeter; the University of Michigan; and the Veterans Affairs Center for Practice Management and Outcomes Research in Michigan undertook research to investigate the question of whether there was an association between a biomarker of exposure to second-hand smoke and cognitive impairment. A biomarker is a molecular substance used as an indicator of a biological state. The biomarker of interest in this research was cotinine, which is one of the products of nicotine metabolism. It can be found in the saliva of people recently exposed to second-hand smoke and indicates that those people have metabolised nicotine. The researchers collected saliva samples from 4809 non-smoking adults aged 50 years or more who had taken part in the 1998, 1999, and 2001 waves of the Health Survey for England and who had also participated in the 2002 wave of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Each sample was examined for the presence and concentration of cotinine. Also, a detailed history of smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke was taken from each participant, who was additionally given neuropsychological assessment for cognitive impairment. The researchers made adjustments for a range of factors that could affect the results, such as age, sex, and education. What they found was that participants who had the highest levels of salivary cotinine were more likely to be cognitively impaired than those exposed to little or no second-hand smoke. Furthermore, there was some evidence of a linear trend, that is, the more second-hand smoke a person was exposed to, the more likely that person was to be cognitively impaired. Does this mean that exposure to second-hand smoke will significantly increase a person’s risk of developing dementia? At the moment we do not know. The researchers suggest that there may be an association between exposure to second-hand smoke and increased risk of cognitive impairment, but they point out that prospective studies relating cognitive decline and risk of dementia to biomarkers of exposure to second-hand smoke are needed if we are to know with greater certainty. Nevertheless, it would be wise to eliminate or limit our exposure to second-hand smoke, if not because of the possible risks of becoming cognitively impaired and/or developing dementia, then because of the risks of contracting other serious and fatal diseases associated with such exposure.

    Teens From Smoke-Free Homes Carry on Tradition

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    Youths prefer living quarters without puffers once they move on, study finds Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis FRIDAY, Feb. 27 (HealthDay News) -- Teens who live in homes with smoking bans are apt to choose a similar living arrangement when they move into their own place, a new study has found. Researchers from the Boston University School of Public Health tracked 693 adolescents, 12 to 17 years old at the start of the study. Eventually, all the youths moved out of their parents' houses and lived independently, some at colleges or universities and others in apartments or other types of residences. People Who Read This Also Read * Even Mild Strokes Can Do Harm 22353462 * New Test May Mean Faster Breast Cancer Treatment 22353464 * Is Your Job Killing You? How Work Influences Longevity 22148274 * Undoing the 'Big Baby' Trend 22423506 * Baby Boomers are Changing Their Retirement Plans 22959706 Recommendations by Loomia Overall, about 82 percent of the youths moved to smoke-free living quarters, and 18 percent moved to housing that permitted smoking. They also found that 89 percent of those who moved to smoke-free housing had grown up in a smoke-free home. Of those who moved to someplace that permitted smoking, 36 percent had grown up in a smoke-free house. "A household smoking ban in the parental home appears to lead youths to prefer smoke-free living quarters once they leave home," said Alison Albers, assistant professor of social and behavioral sciences and the study's lead author. "This basic intervention -- implementing a household smoking ban -- not only has the potential to promote anti-smoking norms and to prevent adolescent smoking, but also may have the additional benefit of transmitting anti-smoking norms from parents to children as they transition out of the household," Albers said. "The fact that we found this effect even among smokers is very promising." The study was published in the journal Tobacco Control.

    North Korea’s Kim spotted enjoying smoke on the sly

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    KIM Jong Il, the North Korean leader, was photographed puffing on a cigarette during a recent tour of a tobacco factory, despite having reportedly suffered a stroke last August. A picture shows Mr Kim with a cigarette in his mouth at the factory, in the city of Hoeryong. Another, broadcast on North Korean state television, shows Mr Kim exhaling smoke, apparently enjoying a cigarette produced on-site. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis Mr Kim "expressed great satisfaction over the fact that quality cigarettes are mass-produced" and called on workers to improve the quality of cigarettes provided to troops, the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported. Mr Kim, 67, reportedly suffered a stroke six months ago, but is believed to have recovered. North Korean officials deny he was ever ill. Once a reputed gourmand who enjoyed cigars and fine wines, Mr Kim is said to have given up his former chain-smoking ways years ago. It is not clear whether he is once again smoking regularly.

    Occasional smoking is far from risk-free, experts say

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    QUESTION: In my 20s and early 30s, I was a pack-a-day smoker who tried frequently to kick the habit. For the past 13 years, I have smoked only periodically -- about six days a year (when getting together with college friends). On those days, I smoke about two packs a day. What is the risk to my health posed by those six days of heavy smoking? Can you tell me if the cancer and COPD risks are similar to those of a daily smoker? Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis ANSWER: Your risk of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is clearly lower now than when you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. There is no data that can accurately answer your question. We do know that there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, whether it's from smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke. By smoking occasionally, you definitely increase your chances of developing a tobacco-related disease, particularly heart disease. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including ammonia, a lung irritant; carbon monoxide, which reduces blood oxygen levels; methanol, a chemical that's toxic when inhaled or swallowed; and hydrogen cyanide, a potent poison that interferes with respiratory function. Approximately 60 of the chemicals are known to cause cancer. Inhaling any of these chemicals significantly raises your risk for a host of serious medical problems. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. Smoking also is responsible for most cases of throat, mouth, esophageal and bladder cancer. In addition, smoking is linked to kidney, pancreatic, cervical and stomach cancers. Cigarette smoking is directly responsible for approximately 30 percent of all cancer deaths annually in this country. There exists what we call a "dose response" for lung cancer. That is, the more you smoke, the higher your risk. So, the 13 years you've spent as an occasional smoker -- rather than an everyday smoker -- has reduced your overall risk of lung cancer. However, there's no way to know if your exposure has initiated a transformation from normal to cancerous cells. Smoking causes about 90 percent of COPD cases. COPD is the catchall term for a group of chronic conditions that obstruct the lungs' airways. COPD usually refers to obstruction caused by chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema. A blockage within the tubes and air sacs in the lungs hinders the ability to exhale. And, when exhalation is impeded, air gets trapped in the lungs, and inhalation also becomes difficult. Most COPD could be prevented by not smoking or quitting smoking before the condition develops. However, once symptoms begin, lung damage can neither be reversed nor cured. Another negative is that smoking ranks among the most significant risk factors for heart disease. When the goal is heart disease prevention, smoking is indisputably unwise. Even smoking occasionally increases the risk. Every inhalation of tobacco smoke temporarily affects the ability of arteries to dilate and increases platelet stickiness in the blood. The nicotine in cigarette smoke adds extra work for the heart by narrowing blood vessels and increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Carbon monoxide in smoke replaces some oxygen in the blood. Thus, blood pressure increases because the heart has to work harder to supply sufficient oxygen to the body. Smoking is dangerous -- even only a few times a year. Giving up that occasional smoking habit will reverse the risk of heart disease and significantly decrease the risks of cancer, COPD and other smoking-related illnesses. Quitting can be difficult, but expert help is available. Ask your doctor about smoking cessation programs where you live.

    Obama’s picks for FDA are longtime advocates of tobacco regulations

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    President Obama's picks to fill the top two positions at the Food and Drug Administration have repeatedly bucked tobacco companies and pushed for greater restrictions on cigarette marketing, second-hand smoke and sales to minors. Although the FDA does not currently regulate tobacco products, Congress is moving ahead on longstalled legislation to give the agency oversight of cigarette companies. That could give Obama's choice to lead the agency, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, and her top deputy, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, great sway over the industry. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis As New York City's heath commissioner in the 1990s, Hamburg fought for a total ban on indoor smoking in public places long before states and cities began adopting such aggressive restrictions. And as health commissioner in Baltimore, Sharfstein pushed through an indoor-smoking ban in the city that paved the way for a similar statewide ban. Neither Hamburg nor Sharfstein have publicly signaled their intentions regarding tobacco oversight since being tapped for the posts. Hamburg couldn't be reached for comment, and Sharfstein declined to comment through a spokesperson at the Baltimore health department. A spokeswoman for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. declined to comment on how Hamburg's views on smoking could affect the company. "The real issue is whether the Food and Drug Administration is going to be able to appropriately regulate tobacco, given that it is by all appearances too overburdened to meet its current obligations monitoring food and drugs," spokeswoman Maura Payne said. Obama reiterated this month that he supports giving the FDA oversight of tobacco. And yesterday, a key House committee approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Henry Waxman, R-Calif., that would do just that. The full House is expected to give its approval soon. In the Senate, where the bill failed to pass last year, supporters of the FDA plan believe that they have the votes to pass it in that chamber this year. But North Carolina's two senators, Richard Burr, a Republican and Kay Hagan, a Democrat, have proposed an alternate plan to create a new federal agency to regulate tobacco that could again stall the FDA proposal. Anti-tobacco groups said that because the Waxman legislation would give FDA officials flexibility to develop new cigarette warning-label standards and marketing restrictions, it was important for Obama to have nominated people who have worked to reduce smoking rates. "The buzz has all been very positive," Kathleen Dachille, the director of the Center for Tobacco Regulation at the University of Maryland Law School, said of Hamburg and Sharfstein. Dachille worked closely with Sharfstein to enact stricter smoking regulations after he was tapped to lead the city department in 2005. He was the leading advocate to ban smoking in all workplaces in Baltimore -- restaurants and bars included -- and fought hard for a similar statewide ban. The proposal stalled at the state level because of resistance from tobacco companies and the restaurant lobby. After Baltimore passed its own ban in 2007, opposition to a statewide ban dwindled. "Baltimore was a major tipping point, and he was able to accomplish that" Dachille said. "It was the key jurisdiction that opened the door to statewide legislation." Last year, Sharfstein also pushed to ban sales of single small cigars -- such brands as Black and Mild, and Swisher Sweets -- after a health-department investigation found that the inexpensive smokes were popular with inner-city minors. The investigation found that even though some young people couldn't afford to buy a pack of cigarettes for $5, they could easily scrape together enough change to buy a single small cigar that sold for less than $1. When the state legislature did not pass a restriction that would have required Maryland retailers to sell the cigars in packs of five or larger, Sharfstein issued his own five-a-pack minimum requirement in Baltimore, which became the first city to do so. The move was opposed by R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris and other tobacco companies, who threatened to fight the new restriction in court. Before joining the Baltimore health department, Sharfstein worked on tobacco-policy issues, including FDA regulation as an investigator for Waxman, then the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. In 2003, Sharfstein helped write an investigative report that concluded that Philip Morris continued to lie about control of nicotine levels in its cigarettes and that Reynolds was not being truthful about marketing to minors. As the city health commissioner in New York in the early 1990s, Hamburg fought successfully to ban cigarette advertisements on subways. In the mid-1990s, New York banned smoking in most restaurants. At the time, few states and cities had taken that step, but Hamburg wanted the city to go even further. At the time, she backed a total smoking ban for indoor workplaces, something that the state of New York and the city did not enact until 2003. "In many respects, she was ahead of her times," said Matthew Myers, the president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, an anti-tobacco group. "She has a demonstrated track record of working to reduce tobacco use that will hold her in good stead if Congress grants the FDA jurisdiction."

    1st meeting to negotiate cigarette tax increase yields no immediate agreement at Miss. Capitol

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009
    Mississippi lawmakers are supposed to have open meetings to negotiate the final versions of bills, but discussions about a proposed cigarette tax increase are already following a pattern that's been used with other heavily debated issues in recent years. Mississippi lawmakers are supposed to have open meetings to negotiate the final versions of bills, but discussions about a proposed cigarette tax increase are already following a pattern that's been used with other heavily debated issues in recent years. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis Offers between the House and Senate are made during open meetings in committee rooms packed with reporters, lobbyists and other observers. But the nitty-gritty work of negotiations — the decisions about what parts of an offer to accept or reject, and what kind of counteroffer to make — is often done in private. On Wednesday, three members from the House and three from the Senate had their first meeting to discuss proposals to increase Mississippi's tax on cigarettes. At 18 cents, the current tax is the third-lowest in the nation. The House voted weeks ago to add 82 cents to the tax, to take it to $1 a pack. The Senate voted to add 31 cents, which would set the rate at 49 cents a pack. Three members from each chamber were appointed to a conference committee to negotiate a final amount. During an open session that lasted only a few minutes Wednesday, the top House negotiator — Ways and Means Committee Chairman Percy Watson, D-Hattiesburg — made an offer that reflected the original House position of $1 a pack. One new element in the House proposal is to direct some of the expected new revenue to programs for smoking cessation and into a fund that keeps car-tag prices from rising. "There's no doubt, this is a lot to comprehend in a short time," responded Senate Finance Committee Chairman Dean Kirby, R-Pearl. The Senate negotiators excused themselves from the open meeting and went to a private office to talk for about 10 minutes. When they returned, the senators said they would consider the House offer overnight. Talks continue Thursday afternoon. A joint operating rule of the House and Senate says: "All official meetings of any conference committee on a bill or on a resolution proposing a constitutional amendment shall be open to the public at all times, unless declared an executive session." While senators were out of the committee room Wednesday, The Associated Press asked Watson whether he believes it's proper for some negotiations on the cigarette-tax bill to take place in private. "It should be as much discussion as possible in this room, before everyone," Watson said. advertising But Watson also pointed out that during discussions about limiting awards in civil lawsuits in 2002 and 2004, it was common for negotiators from one chamber to leave the room to discuss an offer from the other. Watson was one of the leaders in the 2002 discussions. After Wednesday's meeting, Kirby said senators sometimes feel more comfortable exchanging ideas with each other in private before accepting or rejecting a House offer or before making a counteroffer in public. He said he believes discussions between the two chambers should be conducted during open meetings.

    Some smokers consider quitting due to new tobacco tax

    Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
    Some smokers are fuming about higher cigarette prices that go into effect in April. But is the kick in the wallet enough to make them think about kicking the habit? Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis The federal tax on an average pack of cigarettes will jump about 62 cents on April 1. Other new fees added on by the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer leave smokers shelling out close to $1.00 more per pack. The upcoming tax hike will apply to all tobacco products here at Smokin' Joe's and everywhere else, but most cigarette manufacturers are already charging the extra fee. "The tax is probably a good thing, eventually. The people who probably can't afford to smoke don't need to smoke and probably can ill afford the health care that comes with smoking," Brown says. He stopped smoking once for 12 years. He's trying to quit again and says a higher price tag is big motivation. "I won't be able to afford it, simply. I'm living paycheck to paycheck now. This is the only really extra expense that I have. It's an addiction, really," Brown says. Other customers are in the same boat. "Just buying a carton of cigarettes. They're expensive," James Boring says. He doesn't know how much longer he'll be able to keep buying. "I thought about quitting, so I don't know, I may just stop." "I'm pretty much an occasional smoker. I typically smoke two to four cigars a week. I kind of do it for relaxation, so it probably isn't going to impact me as much," "Certainly demand has dropped. When Tennessee raised its tax, the demand dropped for about three months and then finally started coming back. It takes a while for people to adjust to the new price," Hicks says. He also says some people will switch to cheaper cigarettes, while others will give it up all together. The American Cancer Society says that for every 10 percent increase in the price of cigarettes, sales drop by about four percent.

    Dirty Butts : Can cigarette smoking ever be green?

    Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
    I've been a pack-a-day smoker for years and have no intention of quitting. I know, I know, I'm polluting my body and the bodies of those around me—but what impact am I having on the environment at large? And is there any way to make my nasty habit more eco-friendly? It's true: Your nicotine addiction affects the planet as well as your lungs. While there's nothing you can do to totally absolve your green guilt, there are a few things to keep in mind. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis Sadly, there's not much you can do on the air-pollution front besides smoking less. Choosing a different kind of cigarette won't help: According to a recent University of Michigan study, "regular tar," "low tar," menthol, and nonmenthol cigarettes showed only minor differences when it came to emissions of both particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, a known carcinogen, and styrene, a potential carcinogen. R.J. Reynolds does produce a cigarettelike product called the Eclipse, in which charcoal is used to heat the tobacco, rather than burn it. The Eclipse produces 86 percent to 90 percent less particulate matter than a traditional cigarette, which makes it a better choice, environmentally speaking. But claims that it's a "safer" smoke overall are as yet unproven, and its maker is being sued over the matter. You can take some responsibility when the time comes to toss your dirty butt. Cigarette trash is a major problem—a whopping 1.7 billion pounds of used smokes end up as litter worldwide. Filters, which reduce the harshness of inhaled smoke, are almost always made from nonbiodegradable cellulose acetate—so you'd do well to switch to a nonfiltered variety or a brand like Parliament that uses a paper filter. (You can also roll your own cigs without filters—preferably with loose, organic tobacco.) And always make sure that your remnants end up in the trash, as opposed to the gutter or the toilet, where they can find their way into rivers and oceans. Cigarettes already make up 40 percent of the items picked up by volunteers along the world's coastlines. (You might carry an empty Altoid tin with you so that you won't be tempted to flick when you're finished.) Finally, there's always the electronic cigarette, a battery-operated contraption that delivers a nicotine solution dissolved in water and propylene glycol, the stuff used in fog machines. Though public health officials stress a lack of research on the safety of these products, e-cigarettes do produce less trash and air pollution than the traditional variety. You may be exposing yourself to ridicule, but isn't that a small price to pay for your sins?

    Light Cigarette Lawsuit Moving Forward

    Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
    The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has just ruled that cigarette smokers in that state are eligible to use a state consumer protection law to sue Philip Morris Inc. for how it marketed Marlboro Lights, the Associated Press (AP) reported. The AP noted that the recent ruling is very similar to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this past December, which allows class-action lawsuit initiated by smokers claiming deceptive marketing. The high court ruling said the 1965 Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act does not protect cigarette makers from fraud lawsuits over how those makers market cigarettes they describe as “light” or “low tar.” Also, according to an earlier report, the high court said federal oversight of cigarette testing did not preclude those lawsuits. Millions of Americans have smoked “low-tar,” “mild,” or “light” cigarettes, believing those cigarettes to be less harmful than others; however, many were falsely marketed as “safe” or “harmless.” As a matter-of-fact, a variety of studies found “light” cigarettes to be as dangerous as other varieties and, even more incriminating, a more than 30-year-old Philip Morris memo from 1975 was made public in 2007 that proved cigarette makers were aware that smokers of light cigarettes took longer puffs and inhaled larger amounts of tar than those who smoked other versions. The controversy has generated dozens of lawsuits claiming billions of dollars in damages. The U.S. Supreme Court case allows smokers to use state laws to sue cigarette makers for how they promote so-called “light” and “low tar” cigarettes. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, citing the high court decision, said smokers can sue Altria Group Inc.’s Philip Morris for deceptive marketing practices, reported the AP. The 1998 suit claimed Philip Morris used deceptive marketing because its Marlboro Lights did not provide lower tar and nicotine, said the AP. Philip Morris had argued that the Massachusetts consumer protection law is pre-empted by the 1965 Act, banning states from regulating any aspect of cigarette advertising involving smoking and health, said the AP. Philip Morris also argued that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allows the use of terms such as “light” and “lower tar and nicotine” on cigarette packages and claims the Act, which required tobacco companies to place rotating warnings on their packaging and advertising, pre-empted such lawsuits. Philip Morris stopped using the phrase “lower tar and nicotine” on packages in 2003. The state’s Supreme Judicial Court said the FTC did not specifically allow those categorizations, saying the labels did little but fool smokers into thinking they faced less of a health risk, the LA Times said in an earlier article. The FTC allows cigarette companies to use the classifications as long as they are determined by a standardized system that uses a machine that smokes cigarettes the same way every time. But people are not like machines, and some take deeper breaths and larger puffs than others. It is also well-recognized that smokers who switch from regular to light cigarettes “compensate” for the decreased nicotine by inhaling more deeply; taking larger, more rapid, or more frequent puffs; or increasing the number of cigarettes smoked daily, thus negating any potential benefit of smoking a “low-tar” cigarette. The FTC itself has raised concerns about its testing methods and has admitted in prior congressional testimony that its “ratings tend to be relatively poor predictors of tar and nicotine exposure.” Although the lawsuit can proceed, smokers must prove the descriptors violate the state’s consumer protection law, said the AP. Although only two plaintiffs are involved, they represent a group in the thousands, reported the AP.

    Kentucky Is Top State for Smoking

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

    More Than 28% of Kentucky Residents Are Smokers; Utah Has the Least Smokers

    Maybe they should call it the Blue Smoke State. Kentucky once again leads all states in the percentage of adults who still smoke cigarettes, according to state-by-state figures today released by the CDC. With 28.3% of adults smoking, Kentucky is way ahead of second-place West Virginia (27% smokers) and third-place Oklahoma (25.8% smokers). Utah holds its place as the state with the lowest adult smoking rate: 11.7%. It's the only state on track to meet the CDC's goal of reducing the U.S. smoking rate to 12%. Right now, nearly 20% of Americans still smoke. In half of U.S. states, more than 19.8% of adults smoke cigarettes. U.S. territories vary: Guam's smoking rate of 31.1% makes Kentuckians look like quitters, while the U.S. Virgin Islands beats even Utah with its 8.7% smoking rate. The CDC notes that this month is a good time to quit smoking: On April 1 -- yes, it's April Fools' Day, but this is no joke -- the federal tax on cigarettes will jump to $1.01 from the current rate of $0.39 per pack. Despite failing even to come close to CDC goals, smoking rates have declined since 1998 in 44 states and the District of Columbia. However, these gains are threatened. From 2002 to 2005, states cut funding for smoking prevention and cessation programs by 28% -- about $200 million. "In fiscal year 2009, no state is funding comprehensive tobacco control programs at CDC-recommended funding levels," the CDC reports. "Only nine states are funding at least half of the recommended amount." Meanwhile, the tobacco industry doubled marketing budgets from $6.9 billion in 1998 to $13.4 billion in 2005.

    Smoking: State-By-State Ranking

    Here are the state-by-state smoking rates -- that is, the percentage of adults who currently smoke every day or some days. Note that the CDC does not rank states; rank order was determined by WebMD on the basis of the CDC data for each state's total smoking rate.
    State/Territory Rank Men Women Total
    Kentucky 1 28.8 27.8 28.3
    West Virginia 2 28.6 25.5 27.0
    Oklahoma 3 28.0 23.8 25.8
    Missouri 4 26.0 23.3 24.6
    Tennessee 5 25.7 22.9 24.3
    Indiana 6 25.9 22.4 24.1
    Mississippi 7 27.8 20.5 24.0
    Ohio 8 24.2 22.1 23.1
    North Carolina 9 25.3 20.7 22.9
    Louisiana 10 26.4 19.1 22.6
    Alabama 11 25.7 19.7 22.5
    Arkansas 12 24.8 20.2 22.4
    Alaska 13 24.6 19.7 22.2
    Wyoming 14 22.8 21.4 22.1
    South Carolina 15 25.3 18.8 21.9
    Nevada 16 23.4 19.6 21.5
    Michigan 17 23.5 19.0 21.2
    North Dakota 18 22.2 19.8 21.0
    Pennsylvania 19 20.7 21.1 20.9
    New Mexico 20 23.6 18.1 20.8
    Illinois 21 22.1 18.4 20.2
    Maine 22 21.0 19.3 20.1
    Nebraska 23 23.2 16.8 19.9
    Arizona 24 23.4 16.3 19.8
    Iowa 25 21.4 18.3 19.8
    South Dakota 26 20.1 19.5 19.8
    Wisconsin 27 19.6 19.5 19.6
    Montana 28 19.8 19.3 19.5
    New Hampshire 29 20.2 18.6 19.4
    Texas 30 22.0 16.9 19.4
    Florida 31 21.3 17.5 19.3
    Georgia 32 21.2 17.5 19.3
    Idaho 33 20.9 17.4 19.2
    Delaware 34 17.6 20.3 19.0
    New York 35 21.6 16.5 18.9
    Colorado 36 19.7 17.7 18.7
    Virginia 37 20.3 16.9 18.6
    Kansas 38 18.7 17.1 17.9
    Vermont 39 19.5 15.9 17.6
    District of Columbia 40 19.1 15.7 17.3
    New Jersey 41 19.4 15.2 17.2
    Maryland 42 18.4 16.0 17.1
    Hawaii 43 19.8 14.3 17.0
    Rhode Island 44 17.8 16.3 17.0
    Oregon 45 18.9 14.9 16.9
    Washington 46 18.0 15.7 16.8
    Minnesota 47 18.3 14.7 16.5
    Massachusetts 48 17.4 15.5 16.4
    Connecticut 49 16.6 14.5 15.5
    California 50 18.1 10.6 14.3
    Utah 51 15.5 8.0 11.7

    Next Madoff investment: jailyard cigarettes

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    Bernard Madoff, who swindled thousands of investors out of up to $65 billion, likely will spend the rest of his days behind bars. Bernard Madoff, perhaps the biggest individual thief of all time, on Thursday pleaded guilty to 11 counts and was immediately sent to jail. He will not be sentenced until June 16, and he faces up to 150 years in prison. Of course, Madoff, 70, probably won't live outside of a prison again, nor should he. There are other innocent yet convicted people who may never leave prison because of Madoff. One of the victims of his massive Ponzi scheme was the Texas Innocence Project, which helps wrongfully convicted men and women gain their freedom. The project depended heavily for financing on a charity, the JEHT Foundation, which entrusted its money with Madoff. Among the charges against him are mail, securities and wire fraud, as well as money laundering and making a false filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It's hard to exaggerate the scale of Madoff's crimes. It appears that over a period of several decades he persuaded thousands of investors to turn over billions of dollars to him for investing. But rather than invest that money, he squandered a great deal of it on himself while operating an elaborate Ponzi scheme, in which some early investors are paid back — not with profits from shrewd investments but money provided by later investors. As recently as November, Madoff was claiming he had $65 billion in 4,800 client accounts. Then came his initial confession in December to his sons, and now investigators say they have only found $1 billion in those accounts so far. Madoff was not some obscure, offshore con man. He lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, was well known in Palm Beach and formerly served as chairman of Nasdaq, a leading stock exchange. He was especially admired and trusted in Jewish social circles, and some of his biggest victims were Jewish charities. What makes the scandal worse is that the SEC was given several credible warnings over the past few years about Madoff's operation, but it failed to act. Christopher Cox, until recently chairman of the SEC and an appointee of President George W. Bush, acknowledged "multiple failures over at least a decade to thoroughly investigate" the allegations. Cox himself demonstrated little zeal for protecting investors while he was chairman. The SEC has a lot to answer for, and the Madoff experience may have prodded it into taking action against a Texas financier, R. Allen Stanford of Houston, who is accused of operating his own Ponzi scheme. Stanford, a billionaire, has invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify. The SEC says that Stanford and an executive of one of his firms, James Davis, misappropriated at least $1.6 billion of investors' money. Madoff, at least, apparently has cooperated with investigators, though there are reports that he may have operated his Ponzi scheme for far longer than he has told them. But he should still spend the rest of his life in prison.

    Time to Quit Smoking: President Obama’s cigarette tax increase goes into effect April 1

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    In February of this year, President Obama signed into law an expansion of the popular State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to help provide health insurance for uninsured children. The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 will be funded by a significant increase in the federal tax for cigarettes. The new taxes go into effect on April 1 and will raise the federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes from the current 39 cents to $1.01 per-pack. Public health experts predict that the new tax may result in as many as 1 million U.S. smokers quitting. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis With the tax hike, smoking will become a very expensive, in addition to be being a deadly, habit. According to the American Cancer Society, about 443,000 people in the United States die every year from smoking-related illnesses. This death toll is more than the numbers of deaths from alcohol, motor vehicle accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide, and illegal drugs combined. President Obama, a cigarette smoker himself, has been trying to quit according to recent news reports. Interested in quitting smoking before the new federal taxes kick in? Try the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services new website for quitting or call their hotline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. You can also try posting your questions on the online support group for smoking on Healia Communities.

    Three former members of the Stillaguamish Tribal Council

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    Three former members of the Stillaguamish Tribal Council will go to federal prison for failing to pay state taxes on millions of contraband cigarettes. A federal judge ordered them to pay nearly $26 million in restitution. They also agreed to forfeit nearly $1 million in cash. Edward Leverne Goodridge Sr., 60, and his son, Edward Goodridge, 33, both of Arlington. and Sara Lee Schroedl, 40, now of Prescott, Ariz., pleaded guilty late last year to conspiracy to traffic in contraband cigarettes and engaging in monetary transactions using the proceeds of their crimes. The Goodridges each were sentenced today to 14 months in prison by U.S. District Judge James Robart. Schroedl received an eight-month sentence. The three were on the tribal council when they set up a corporation to run the Blue Stilly Smoke Shop in Arlington. According to court documents. they sold nearly 2 million cartons of contraband cigarettes between March 2003 and May 2007, generating nearly $55 million in revenue — and failing to pay more than $25 million in state taxes in the same time period. Federal prosecutors say the four made nearly $15 million in profits. A search in 2007 of homes and businesses run by the Goodridges turned up nearly 3.5 million contraband cigarettes and $46,000 in cash. A fourth tribal member, Linda Loy Goodridge, the wife of the senior Goodridge, was sentenced to four months of home confinement and two years of supervised release. Robart said all are responsible for paying the restitution. The judge said that simply requiring the defendants to pay restitution was not enough. He said he received one letter from a tribal member pointing out that the defendants were driving expensive cars while other members of their tribe were sleeping in theirs. The current tribal council president told the court that the revenue from the cigarette taxes could have been used to help the tribe. "It could not have been lost on these defendants that they were reaping benefits that were disproportionate," the judge said, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle. Earlier this month in federal court, a former Puyallup Tribal Council member and her husband were sentenced to five years' probation and ordered to pay more than $9 million in restitution for conspiring to traffic in contraband cigarettes.

    Colorado’s cigarette smoking rate has significantly declined from 1998 through 2007.

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    DENVER - According to a report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Colorado’s cigarette smoking rate has significantly declined from 1998 through 2007. The CDC analyzed data from the 2007 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey and found that smoking prevalence decreased in 44 states including Colorado - which decreased from 22.8 percent in 1998 to 18.7 percent in 2007. Despite declines in smoking rates during this period of time, cigarette smoking continues to cause large numbers of deaths and disease. “The deaths of approximately 4,400 Colorado men and women are attributed to smoking each year, at an estimated cost of 1.3 billion dollars,” said Ned Calonge, chief medical officer at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “This downward trend in smoking prevalence shows that Colorado is certainly heading in the right direction, but we must continue to implement effective strategies that are proven to work - not only to save lives but to reduce the exorbitant health-care costs related to tobacco.” According to the CDC, the only way to achieve substantial reductions in tobacco use in all states is to implement comprehensive, evidence-based tobacco control programs. Although Colorado ranks ninth in the nation in tobacco control spending, it meets only 50 percent of the recommended funding level for tobacco cessation efforts. Jason Vahling, director of the State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, said, “The significant decline in smoking over the past 10 years is great news for Colorado. This trend can be attributed to implementing effective strategies of a comprehensive program, such as implementing smoke-free policies; supporting ‘quit lines’; and conducting media campaigns that encourage quitting use of tobacco, preventing youth from starting to smoke and educating the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke.” Increasing the unit price of tobacco products may be a smoking deterrent. On April 1, 2009, the federal tax on cigarettes will increase by 62 cents. According to national research, this could increase the motivation for smokers to try to quit and decrease smoking prevalence in the long term. Another outcome of Colorado’s comprehensive tobacco control program is a significant decline in cigarette pack sales - from 76 packs per capita per year in 1998 to 46.3 packs per capita per year in 2008. The national per capita consumption rate is 63.4 annually. The Colorado QuitLine provides tobacco users with a free telephone coaching service and a free supply of the nicotine patch. Quitting can save the average Colorado smoker $1,800 per year. The Colorado QuitLine gives people a valuable service that has been proven to work.

    Blue Cross: Secondhand smoke costs N.C. $289M a year

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    RALEIGH, N.C. — A team at North Carolina's largest health insurer has estimated that the extra medical care caused by secondhand smoke costs the state about $289 million a year. The state Division of Public Health said Monday the figure was estimated by staffers at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. The results added ammunition to advocates for a state law banning smoking from the workplace or other public places. Blue Cross analyzed the cost of diseases a surgeon general's report said result from secondhand smoke, including lung cancer, heart attacks and other heart diseases in adults. The insurance company's calculations are modeled on a peer-reviewed study published last month of the likely cost of secondhand smoke in Minnesota.


    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    We live in a complex society where iPods, PSPs and mobile phones have replaced books and newspapers as our sources of entertainment. These things have made us extraordinarily susceptible to the media’s influence. Its ability to shape our conscience is inevitable. American teenagers are able to tear the plastic off a pack of cigarettes without hesitation while reading, “Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and my complicate pregnancy.” Young people commonly answer that they only smoke a few cigarettes a day and will not smoke forever. Stop smoking hypnosis Quit smoking hypnosis It seems that they believe the effects of smoking do not apply to them because they will only smoke for a few years. This conventional wisdom crumbles against startling statistics. A study showed that around 50 percent of adolescents, who start smoking, go on to smoke for 15 to 20 years. These kids think that they will just smoke in social situations through college but many find that they cannot stop even after they receive their diploma. They need to understand that an addiction is a physical and mental dependence, not something to be taken lightly. According to the American Lung Association, almost 6,000 children under the age of 18 start smoking each day and out of those 6,000 teenagers, 2,000 will become regular smokers; representing 800,000 new adolescent smokers a year. These children do not seem to realize that 90 percent of smokers start before they are 21 and according to a 2001 national survey, 28 percent of high school students smoke cigarettes. Those statistics are unacceptable and should be treated as a plague, infecting America. For a country with such an ailing health care system, we should commit to preventing young people from taking up a habit that costs millions of dollars every year in care. It needs to be confronted using a proactive and educational approach, but we should not underestimate one of the perpetuators of this problem. We cannot meet these problems head on if we do not first understand where it began; with the media. The cigarette epidemic indisputably began with the Marlboro Man ad campaign, a campaign that went down in history as the top three most successful ad campaigns the world had ever seen. Despite its success, it is not morally sound for the Marlboro Company to exploit the naïvely vulnerable nature of the American adolescent. How is success defined? A census in 2001 from The American Cancer Society, 46.2 million were smokers, which means that one in every four Americans smoked. Perhaps it is defined by the 440,000 deaths a year in America due to smoking-induced complications. Maybe success really is being able to say that their company has played a role in claiming more deaths than Hitler’s Nazi regime. The parallel drawn between the Nazi regime and the mental or psychological Marlboro Company is one with purpose. The Marlboro Company managed to recognize the media’s extraordinary influence on America and, without hesitation, exploited it for all of its fiscal worth. People all over the nation speak out against the genocide in Darfur and the Holocaust that happened in Germany, but the self-inflicted capitalistic genocide happening in America has gone without more than a few “truth” commercials.

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis

    Monday, March 16th, 2009
    Stop smoking and you’ll get fitter all the time The pain smokers fell on giving up is a positive sign your body is recovering LAST week marked the 26th national No Smoking Day. Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of premature death and one of the main determinants of health inequalities the UK today. In this article I want to draw attention to some less well known effects of smoking and give some tips and encourage smokers to quit. Children under five who live in a smoking household are often diagnosed with glue ear and respiratory tract infections, which are both unpleasant illnesses and require medical attention. People who smoke, or who are regularly exposed to the tobacco smoke of others, are more susceptible to respiratory infections and as a result will require a doctor’s appointment and antibiotic prescription along with time off work to recover. Smokers who require surgery are at greater risk of complications such as breathing and lung problems, infections and poor healing of wounds, which means they are more likely to have longer hospital stays than non-smokers. Stopping smoking eight weeks before an operation reduces the change of complications and could save the NHS 7,000 beds a year The percentage of adults who smoke has fallen over the last 30 years, but more than a quarter of the population still smokes –of those people, one in two people will die of a smoking related disease. The introduction of the no-smoking legislation in April 2007 has had a positive impact on reducing the number of smokers but smoking is highly addictive and quitting can be very difficult indeed. When someone tries to quit smoking, they can experience various symptoms, which can cause a person to give up on their attempt to quit. But these symptoms are positive signs that your body is recovering from smoking and will subside after a short period of time leaving you feeling much healthier and full of energy. Another complaint of people trying to give up smoking is an increased appetite and sometimes weight gain. Cigarettes can act as an appetite suppressant, and a lot of people substitute cigarettes with snacks, which is often the reason for weight gain. The effects of smoking on health are well known but the benefits of giving up are less so: - within 20 minutes of your last cigarette your blood pressure and pulse return to normal; - after eight hours nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your body reduce by half and oxygen levels return to normal; - after 24 hours carbon monoxide is out of your body and your lungs start to clear themselves; - within 48 hours there is no nicotine left in your body. Your taste and smell will already have improved; - after three days you will have more energy and will find your breathing will become easier; - over the next 12 weeks your circulation will improve; - over the next nine months your lung function is increased by up to 10% and as a result any wheezing or coughing will reduce; - after a year of giving up you will be at 50% less risk of suffering a heart attack; - after 10 years you are 50% less likely to get lung cancer than a smoker; - after 15 years your risk of suffering a heart attack is the same as someone who has never smoked.

    Smoking Harms Job Prospects?

    Monday, March 16th, 2009
    The New Scientist editorial is even sadder. It says, "Employers have no business regulating people's behavior unless it directly harms others at work." Well, smoking DOES harm other people at work. And it makes North America less job-competitive and lowers our standard of living. How? Our greatest cost disadvantage with Europe and Asia for jobs is medical costs. Ours are twice as high as Europe's and three times as high as Asia's. Why? Simple: We have twice as much chronic disease as Europe and three times as much as Asia. Blame tobacco, physical inactivity, poor food choices and stress. Those four account for 70 percent of our chronic diseases, BUT the biggest cost differential is tobacco. Americans shell out more than $100 billion a year to care for smokers, and that doesn't include what's spent on victims of second- and third-hand smoke. New data gauge that at about 10 percent of total health costs. We only need to do two things to fix this: 1. Provide free stop-smoking programs to those who want to quit. Fifty-five percent of smokers say they want to quit, and try every year, but most try cold turkey, with a 2 percent to 5 percent success rate. Use of nicotine patches and other aids increases the long-term success of quit rates to between 15 percent and 35 percent. 2. Find more ways to keep people from starting to smoke. Almost 15 percent of high-school students still get hooked on nicotine every year. The cost of doing this? In America, about $63 billion over 10 years. But that's cheap, because it would save American companies and insurers at least $500 billion over 12 years. If we got serious, we could virtually wipe out smoking and its ravages by 2020. That's a 5-to-1 return on our job-competitiveness investment.

    Why do we smoke cigarettes?

    Monday, March 16th, 2009
    None of the much flaunted appeals of cigarette advertisers, such as superior taste and mildness, induces us to become smokers or to choose one brand in preference to another. Despite the emphasis put on such qualities by advertisers, they are minor considerations. This is one of the first facts we discovered when we asked several hundred people, from all walks of life, why they liked to smoke cigarettes. Smoking is as much a psychological pleasure as it is a physiological satisfaction. As one of our respondents explained: "It is not the taste that counts. It's that sense of satisfaction you get from a cigarette that you can't get from anything else." stop smoking hypnosis quit smoking hypnosis Smoking is Fun What is the nature of this psychological pleasure? It can be traced to the universal desire for self-expression. None of us ever completely outgrows his childhood. We are constantly hunting for the carefree enjoyment we knew as children. As we grew older, we had to subordinate our pleasures to work and to the necessity for unceasing effort. Smoking, for many of us, then, became a substitute for our early habit of following the whims of the moment; it becomes a legitimate excuse for interrupting work and snatching a moment of pleasure. "You sometimes get tired of working intensely," said an accountant whom we interviewed, "and if you sit back for the length of a cigarette, you feel much fresher afterwards. It's a peculiar thing, but I wouldn't think of just sitting back without a cigarette. I guess a cigarette somehow gives me a good excuse." Smoking is a Reward Most of us are hungry for rewards. We want to be patted on the back. A cigarette is a reward that we can give ourselves as often as we wish. When we have done anything well, for instance, we can congratulate ourselves with a cigarette, which certifies, in effect, that we have been "good boys." We can promise ourselves: "When I have finished this piece of work, when I have written the last page of my report, I'll deserve a little fun. I'll have a cigarette." The first and last cigarette in the day are especially significant rewards. The first one, smoked right after breakfast, is a sort of anticipated recompense. The smoker has work to do, and he eases himself into the day's activities as pleasantly as possible. He gives himself a little consolation prize in advance, and at the same time manages to postpone the evil hour when he must begin his hard day's work. The last cigarette of the day is like "closing a door." It is something quite definite. One smoker explained: "I nearly always smoke a cigarette before going to bed. That finishes the day. I usually turn the light out after I have smoked the last cigarette, and then turn over to sleep." Smoking is often merely a conditioned reflex. Certain situations, such as coming out of the subway, beginning and ending work, voluntary and involunatary interruptions of work, feelings of hunger, and many others regulate the timetable of smoking. Often a smoker may not even want a cigarette particularly, but he will see someone else take one and then he feels that he must have one, too. While to many people smoking is fun, and a reward in itself, it more often accompanies other pleasures. At meals, a cigarette is somewhat like another course. In general, smoking introduces a holiday spirit into everyday living. It rounds out other forms of enjoyment and makes them one hundred per cent satisfactory. Smoking is Oral Pleasure As we have said, to explain the pleasure derived from smoking as taste experience alone, is not sufficient. For one thing, such an explanation leaves out the powerful erotic sensitivity of the oral zone. Oral pleasure is just as fundamental as sexuality and hunger. It functions with full strength from earliest childhood. There is a direct connection between thumbsucking and smoking. "In school I always used to chew a pencil or a pen," said a journalist, in reply to our questions. "You should have seen the collection I had. They used to be chewed to bits. Whenever I try to stop smoking for a while, I get something to chew on, either a pipe or a menthol cigarette. You just stick it in your mouth and keep on sucking. And I also chew a lot of gum when I want to cut down on smoking...." The satisfied expression on a smoker's face when he inhales the smoke is ample proof of his sensuous thrill. The immense power of the yearning for a cigarette, especially after an enforced abstinence, is acknowledged by habitual smokers. One of our respondents said: "When you don't get a cigarette for a long time and you are kind of on pins, the first drag goes right down to your heels."